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FFN: Another New Hat

November 12, 2013

One would think that I had all the time in the world to knit, with all the items coming off the needles lately. The sad realities is that for the most part these projects have been pretty quick knits, mainly because my poor brain is tired and frustrated by the end of the day.

Today’s selection is probably one of my favorite knits lately,(not just because it is purple, though that helps.) I bought this yarn around my birthday, so late September. It’s been kicking about the stash for a month or so as I debated what the heck I was actually going to make with it. Most of my yarns are lace or fingering weight with a few sport thrown in for fun. So when I picked up this yarn I can safely say the only thing that I really saw was PURPLE! Now I am a big fan of this color, but the sad fact is thanks to my shortness (and relative roundness) I look like some relation to a certain famous dinosaur. So when I saw this yarn I think my brain instantly realized there wasn’t enough to make much beyond a hat or cowl.

After buying it and some other yarn for gifts and with a slightly dazed feeling I went to enter the yarn on to my stash page. Lo and behold the yarn was a worsted weight, which frankly left me feeling a little nervous. However fears were relieved knowing it was from the wonderful people at Malabrigo. The yarn in question is Malabrigo Rios to be exact and it is equal parts softness and smooshable. I let it sit in the projects to be made box (not to be confused with projects to be casted on, or projects in progress but in hibernation or…well you get the idea) as I debated its fate.

About a week ago I decided its fate, thanks in part to the sudden desire to have “ALL THE HATS” I knew my mission was clear and so I hunted for the right pattern. My first thought was to knit Molly, a pattern I have toyed with on multiple occasions, but for some reason I decided against it. Next came the idea of a simple ribbed hat (like the other ones) but this was no good as I really didn’t want to “waste” good yarn on that. After a few hours of toying with idea after idea I ended up deciding on utilizing the waffle stitch. I hunted Ravelry again (rather lazily to be honest) and after the first few pages of not finding what I wanted I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I cast on what seemed like a good number of stitches and went at it. I will say it took four to five repeats before I was satisfied it was working out the way I wanted. The next little bit was a blur as the hat became an all-consuming passion, making appearances in all of my classes (before hand)  as well as securing a place in the much coveted evening knitting. After two days of working I finished and flushed with pride showed off my new hat. The cats were unimpressed, but my husband announced he really liked the stitch pattern (points to him for knowing it was a new to me one.)



I washed the thing knowing that purple tends to bleed a bit and I was right, although it was not as bad as I expected. In the end I am more than happy with my new hat, having worn it almost every day since finishing it. The pattern wasn’t too bad to figure out and it was enough to keep me interested, without being  too much of a challenge to be distracting.

  1. What is it with purple?? I have a sudden lust for it too and it seems to be going around! Love the hat and, of course, anything that has to do with ‘waffles’ is just fine by me 😀

  2. Craftie Allie permalink

    Oh what a cute hat!!

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