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FFN: Holiday Socks Part 2

November 13, 2013

Yes, another post about another FO, I promise I am not really as productive as it seems this week. Like I said before, a lot of projects were nearing completion at the same time and well… now you get the FO parade. Today’s offering, the second part of the holiday socks.

These were knit using my standard simple sock pattern, except I increased the stitch count to 64 (as opposed to 60 for me, or 72 for the giant) since these are intended for my MIL I am hoping they fit. They are a bit too big for me, so finger’s crossed.

The yarn is malabrigo (sigh) in the Impressionist Sky colorway and the one thing I know for certain is that these are some blue socks. They are a lovely variegated colorway, with some deep blues mingling with some lighter, but the overall color is bright blue.


You will have to trust me on their brightness


Despite the brightness of the blue I am hoping she and my FIL will enjoy the hand knit gift. They ended up drawing the short straw last year in terms of hand knit gifts (I ran out of time) and so I elected to break my rule of hand knit socks and knock out a pair for each. Both of the in-laws have remarked on numerous occasions the loveliness of the giant’s hand knit socks, and his mom even mentioned the possibility of nicking a pair of his last time we visited, with that in mind I am thinking these will be a big hit.

How is your Holiday knitting going?




  1. sparkeespud permalink

    I really do love Malabrigo’s color sense. I love those socks. If they aren’t a hit I’d be surprised.

  2. Gorgeous socks! I’m sure she will love them. Who wouldn’t?

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