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November 15, 2013

I am finally back at the wheel! For those of you relatively new to the blog you may not even realize I spin (it’s been that long!) After hearing about all the loveliness coming off of Shell’s Sells spindles and wheels I found myself itching to get back to it. Unfortunately there was a bit of a backlog in terms of fiber on the wheel. I had some colorful singles left over from a while ago (a long while ago) that just never managed to make it off. Well there weren’t a whole lot there, but I didn’t feel like scrapping them, instead I took some plain fiber I had left over from a Knit Picks cyber Monday binge and decided to see what would happen if I combined the bright and colorful with the heathered gray/black.

Guys? It turned out so awesome, my only sadness is not having more colorful-ness to use! Proof?

20131113_120017This isn’t the best photo, but it’s cloudy here today and well I was too excited to try to wait for a better light. 🙂 I only managed to have about 80 yards of the stuff after it was all washed (as seen here.) Oh side not, the oh-so-bright yellows you see are not the handspun I was in a bit of a bind when I was tying and that was the first yarn I came up with.

This yarn is definitely softer and less “crunchy” than a lot of my handspun, perhaps the crazy relaxed singles are part of it? Since it is a mix of two fibers (possibly more the KP fiber is the circle roving which I believe is a bunch of recycled fiber) I don’t know that it can be attributed to that. Despite it all I am still terribly fond of it. Right now it is occupying the much coveted space on my desk, where it occasionally gets pets and loving sniffs from the cats (another side note, I have one cat that adores BFL (be still my heart) and the other seems to have a crazy obsession with merino. Both seem interested in the other fibers but it is only those two and one for each cat that prompts the burying the face and rolling around in a state of catnip like induced haze.) Anyway the yarn is probably heavy fingering to maybe sport weight ( I need a spinner’s card or one of those WPI thingies.)  No idea whatsoever on what to make with it. I have a bit of the KP roving left that I could probably spin up and make as a contrasting skein, but surprisingly the wheel is occupied at the moment with some lovely merino fiber for the giant (hence the realization of the merino loving cat) more details on that at another date.


So for you spinners, do you think it was the relaxed singles that helped it be so smooshable, or could I have just become so awesome with my spinning that I am suddenly producing oh so soft yarn (not likely) Or something else?

For the knitters, suggestions on tiny projects for the skein, or do you suggest a complimentary skein be spun up so the thing can become a hat (or something)?

For everyone else, thanks for sticking around this long.


Have a good weekend!



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  1. Marja permalink

    So pretty! I love the color.

  2. shellssells permalink

    You may have enough spinning under your belt at this point that you aren’t so overspinning your singles to begin with. (I struggled with that one for years!)

    Another reason could be plying. You may have plied it a bit tighter than other stuff you’ve created, and so it might be more bouncy in general.

    How the singles which have rested awhile might affect all this? Well, it very well may be that you just had an easier time handling the singles so you were able to create something you were happier with.

    For what it’s worth, I totally agree, your combination is awesome. Works extremely well!

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