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Sale Yarn (and Fiber)

November 26, 2013

It’s the week of Thanksgiving here in the US and retailers far and wide are looking to turn a profit. Friday (or Thursday depending on the store) the doors will open and the people hungry for deals will crowd (stampede/rush/fight) their way through it. I have family that prepare for the event like it’s a sport, getting their plans in place and preparing to get up in the still darkness of early morning to brave the crush of humanity. Saturday has become increasingly known as Small Business Saturday, a chance for the “little guy” to get support and business by encouraging people to shop locally. Next Monday the deals keep coming with the somewhat newer tradition known as Cyber Monday (fun fact it was born in part because people had access to the internet at work and could therefore get some shopping done.)

All of this is supposedly good for the customers (great deals on items that are considered “hot” for Christmas, or just nice to have) it is supposedly good for stores (hence the whole Black Friday (another fun fact, it’s known as such because this was the time of the year that businesses went from being the red, to in the black with the start of the Christmas season.)

Now I could sit here and write about the issues surrounding this much materialism. I could sit here and discuss the fact that by having sales earlier and earlier (in the physical stores) it means workers have to work on holidays. I could just as easily sit here and talk about the fact that this year is just as important if not more for retailers (and other businesses) because of the stagnant economy.  I could, but I won’t.

No, instead I am going to simply share that for-whatever-reason, Knit Picks has decided to have their Cyber Monday sale a week early (and run it for an entire week at that.) Now the sale started yesterday (but there should still be some fibery goodness remaining) the deals are nice and if you are  a knitter on a budget it is a great way to increase some stash without spending too much.

I have been a KP customer for about 2 years now (fun fact, I purchased roving from them first, because I wanted to learn to spin on a makeshift drop spindle. The spinning didn’t take (until later) but my customer support of the company did.) I know they have been in the news in the past year with some privacy protection issues (and really bad handling of it) but in the end I decided to give them another chance. I was fortunate that my info wasn’t compromised, but still it was something I debated for a good long while.

As a knitter who really only worked with acrylics for the first 2 years of my (re)knitting life, I can safely credit KP for introducing me to new fibers and new yarn weights. Their selection and prices are good, especially for the beginning knitter or even someone looking to save some money.

This is not meant to be an all out endorsement for the website/company, more of a way of sharing some info that some of you may not be aware of. I still plan on shopping locally and I still am an ardent supporter of indie dyers, spinners and the whole shebang of awesomeness in the crafting world.


If you know of other fiber deals feel free to share in the comments, this time of the year is expensive and while I know we all want to support the businesses near and dear to us, there are some times when a deal can be a big help.

Happy Crafting.


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  1. I am a HUGE KP fan too! I ordered some City Tweed in Kitten for $2 a skein! Yay!

  2. shellssells permalink

    I had not one but two cards compromised and it really took a big bite out of my time and energy dealing with the fall out. I am still not purchasing, still not intending to any time soon. I suspect at some point I will, my famous christmas stockings for family require the use of knitpicks yarn, but it is all still too fresh for me.

    However, I certainly don’t begrudge anyone else their enjoyment of a deal! So have fun with it and I can’t wait to hear what you got!

  3. I was one of the customers affected with “the KP breach debacle” and I’d definitely sworn off them. I didn’t purchase anything else from them since last Cyber Monday but yesterday I tested the waters again by purchasing some fibre.

    As badly as that situation was handled, I have to give credit where it’s due. I have a bin of KP yarns. As a newbie knitter the affordability of their lines allowed me to venture forth from acrylic into the world of natural fibers and for that I’ll always be grateful. Their customer service and shipping — great and you’re absolutely right — they were (when I just started knitting) and still are great for phenomenal prices.

  4. I totally bought enough Palette for an Oshima. I love Jared Flood so much, his designs are so phenomenally minimalist.

  5. Thanks for the info….I’m needing some more yarn!!

  6. i discovered that sale yesterday an stocked up on some alpaca. thank goodness for knitpicks sales that allow me to increase my fiber usage diversity (:

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