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Two weeks

December 5, 2013

That is all that stands between your very own introvertedknitter and winter break.

In that time I have to complete the following:

2 presentations

1 paper

2 peer evaluations

3 small assignments (400 words or less on each)

1 large assignment (more involved work)

2 tests

and one really big/super important (decide parts of my future) exam. <—No pressure

So blogging will be sparser than usual, thanks to the big bad list above, but the rewards for all of this are pretty sweet:

Sleeping in (yay)

Staying in (double yay for the introvert)

Time to catch up on shows/movies/blogging (that last one might be a yay for all of you)

Time with Family/Friends

And of course this list wouldn’t be complete without showing off what is really exciting about the upcoming break: some pretty epic plans for this.

Most of my Cyber Monday order from KP

Most of my Cyber Monday order from KP



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  1. Hang in there! We’re all counting down for Winter Break here too.

  2. I wish you lots of strength for all that is to come!

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