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Kickin’ it old school for Prep Week

December 9, 2013

It’s prep week here at the home of the Introverted Knitter. This time is a variation on the long honored tradition of dead week. Instead of an entire week (or less) off from classes to study for finals, my current school has decided to rename it Prep Week and basically state that while students have to attend classes, nothing can really be assigned in terms of homework between now and finals. Color me a bit confused, but I will take the minor reprieve for the time being.

In honor of the end of the term, the Introverted Knitter has decided to kick it old school and eat some of the classic college staple; ramen.(read: hasn’t run to the grocery store in a bit, and there isn’t much else that doesn’t require sustained effort to make.)

One of the things I loved about college my first time around was not having to cook for myself (aka the cafeteria.) One of things I loathed about college my first time around was not being able to cook for myself (aka the cafeteria.) The idea of having someone else cook for you, plan the menu and do the shopping seems like a fine idea, until you realize that it has to be done on a large-scale, it has to be something that lasts for a few hours in heated trays and it has to appeal to the largest amount of people possible.

Let’s just say by the end of my time in the dorms I was pretty adjusted to the taste of mac and cheese made only with butter (or milk depending) and focusing on purchasing easy to make meals in the microwave.

This time around, I have found the food better (along with a lot of other things.) But as an ode to my days that first time around, I will settle in with my bowl of noodles and chicken flavored water and remember to be thankful for the ability to have a full-sized fridge.



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  1. I’ve never heard of either tradition; how interesting! Good luck on your finals!

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