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One week and a day

January 3, 2014

That’s how long this plague cold has decided to stick around. I will admit I haven’t been the best patient around, trying to do a lot more than I probably should, because I am on break and frankly I want to at least get a few things accomplished. Right now the illness has left me easily tired and so despite my efforts to accomplish the 200 things I supposedly feel need to be done right now I really only mange one and then I end having to rest, and so I succumb and sit for just long enough to not feel like I will cough up a lung or blow my nose apart from the constant congestion and then I am back at it. I know this is a stupid thing to do, I would probably be telling anyone else that this is a pretty stupid idea, but yet here I am wanting to do it all.

I know I know I just need to sit and knit and watch movies and sleep and drink about six more gallons of tea (in addition to the six or so gallons it feels like I am already drinking) and I think after a week and a day of not feeling better I might just have to do it. I might just be willing to give up the whole do it all right now thing and just lay low. (We shall see, don’t count on it.)

In other news there is a little over a week left of break and that means it was time to order books again (suffice it to say there was much gnashing of teeth and sucker punches to the gut at the price tags.) Luckily all of the books were able to be purchased online which means one less reason to go out into the world (hooray.) The downer (aside from the cost) was the fact that I ended up having to buy two fairly expensive books from the campus bookstore new because they don’t have them available anywhere else. While I get the whole idea of having certain workbooks or lab manuals for specific classes and that it is (probably) tailored content, it is still more than a little frustrating when I have to purchase not only a specific book from the bookstore (with the bookstore markup) but I also don’t get the option to purchase it used. There wasn’t even a rental option (not that I necessarily would, but for the price I just might have.) I get it, the school is in the business to make money and I get that the bookstore has to make a profit, but seriously there are times when I wonder if I am in the wrong career field if you catch my drift.

The books have been ordered and are winging their way towards me now (supposedly) and so I get to await their arrival with bated breath. Despite the (insanely) high price tags, I always look forward to the first few days with the books, right at the start of the semester, when they are new (to you at least) and hold the possibility of a bright start and a wonderful chance to be awesome. Usually by the second to fifth chapter/assignment the feeling has faded and I return to my (slightly) bitter stance of their cost. For now I will attempt to hold on to that good feeling while I also attempt to avoid looking at the receipt for them (again.)

Now I am going to go be a good patient and crash on the sofa while drinking (gallons of) tea and lay low. Here’s hoping the plague cold is gone soon!


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  1. sparkeespud permalink

    Hope you are on the mend. I have been fighting a cold all week too!

  2. Get well soon! I don’t take too well to a cold either … If I cannot breathe properly, you do NOT want to be in the same room with me!!! Sleep and let your body heal itself.

  3. Soon not so….oops

  4. Hope you feel better so….sit, knit and drink tea!!!

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