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Practice Fiber

February 25, 2014

When I first got my new wheel (last week) I was able to bring it to a local knitting/spinning group and have the lovely ladies check it over. They helped me feel confident enough to try spinning on it, which may or may not have happened as quickly (or ever) if it wasn’t for them. Even more fortunate was the fact that one of the woman in particular offered to give me some fiber to practice with. I am new enough to spinning that the concept of giving fiber freely makes me feel a little awkward, I was like that as a knitter, I felt like I had so little that the concept of giving it away was almost painful.

Now of course (at least with yarn) I am completely okay with handing stuff over, take for instance my mother in law, she scored basically all of my acrylic (she makes scarves for charity) and a fair amount of bamboo/cotton blends that I was never going to work with. So I am hopeful that at some point I will be as free with my fiber as I want to be with my yarn.

Anyway, she gave me a fistful of this wonderfully fluffy fiber, I believe it is a Jacob’s wool, which I had never had a chance to try before. From what I can gather with my limited spinning experience it was a long-staple, and provided a bit of tackiness that made me think a bit of my beloved BFL. I began spinning after a little bit of prodding, and was told to not expect it to be super smooth (there was still some VM, and a few nepps here and there) but free fiber is free fiber and it was still really fun to work with. I managed to spin about half of the handful within a day or two and the second one before Saturday. I did a very basic two ply and because I decided to try something slightly different (I wound them into balls  instead of just using my bobbins) and as such was able to use every last bit up (which normally never happens when I two ply.) I gave the wool a bath, and as expected the water was a little dirty (it was a very sheepy wool, although the cats seemed to ignore it for the most part, until it was hanging to dry, then they started to meow incessantly at the smell coming from the bathroom) and waited to see what would happen. I had been afraid that I had under plied the singles and was told to give it a good thwack to help fluff it up, I did and it did. I have no real idea on the yardage, but before the bath it was around 75 yards.


It is still pretty scratchy (or rustic) but it’s quite fluffy and I think not too shabby for a first attempt on the wheel.



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  1. Much better than my first handspun was!

  2. I am inspired. I’ve been dying to learn spinning and have even joined my local spinning group but due to christmas, weather and other factors, haven’t actually sat at a wheel.

  3. sparkeespud permalink

    That is great that you were able to meetup with some locals. Excellent first spin on the new wheel.

  4. Nicely done!! I think I need someone to look at my new wheel, because I have no idea what I’m doing 😛

  5. shellssells permalink

    This was a terribly fun post for me to read. 🙂 It looks great. Sometimes when I have a particularly neppy wool, I pick off the nepps during plying. When I am plying, the yarn is pretty strong and I can handle it quite roughly. I then end up with a pile of nepps on my knee, which looks a bit odd.

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