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FFN: Among the Stars Socks

February 27, 2014

It’s that time again, I finally have an FO to share with you. After having the parade of baby items a few weeks ago I started to feel like I was a crazy slow knitter.

The reality is the giant just has large feet. The FO is a pair of socks for him, my first of seven this year as part of New Year resolutions/goals thing. I figured seven would be a week’s worth of socks, and I wouldn’t (theoretically) drive myself mad attempting to hit that goal. So far I took a bit longer than I would have hoped on the very first pair, which seemingly does not bode well for the remaining six, but I am hoping when I am not attempting to “knit all the baby things” that I should be back on track.

Anyway the socks are a simple 3×1 knit, purl ribbing down the leg and across the top of the foot. I first knit this for the giant during the hectic socks for Christmas, and he made mention of them being extra comfy. I decided to try it again, considering he made such a point to say something about it. Of course he tells me last night that he likes them just as much as the plain vanilla pairs I make, so I don’t know.  The only thing about the ribbing is that it takes me slightly longer to knock them out, but that might just be in my head.

20140226_225643The yarn was a first for me, Knit Picks Stroll Hand-painted, the colorway is called Constellation. I really liked the colors when I saw them on sale last Cyber Monday, enough that I picked up two skeins of this color. I usually check Ravelry to see what other’s come up with before I decide on a colorway, and this one was no exception. Unfortunately with this pair there was a lot of pooling in the cuff ribbing and down the leg, it seemed to minimize a bit when I hit the foot, but it still bugs me a bit. Luckily the giant actually likes the effect, which is a relief.  Though I doubt he would complain about much when it comes to hand knit socks. The only real request he has ever made is no hot pink (and I think I might have even gotten him to say that a tiny bit would be fine as long as the rest wasn’t even close.) The man loves hand knit socks.

Anyway back to the yarn, it is a 75% merino with 25% nylon. I had purchased the yarn (two skeins of this and one in Pony Ride colorway) in part because it was on sale, about half (or less) off its regular price, and in part because I was thinking it might be a nice substitute for Malabrigo (which of course I failed to realize doesn’t have nylon in it, until after I bought this stuff.) I will say as far as sock yarn goes it seems to be a nice and very affordable access point to some merino blends. The colors are nice, and I feel like the socks should be able to do their job without falling apart right away (always a bonus.) While I wouldn’t call it a substitute for Malabrigo, it is still something I might consider buying again.


The photos are more than a little blurry/crap because I was a fool and waited until bed time to remember to take photos. So please bear with me on that. The blue is a bit brighter in person, and as you can kind of see on the leg of his right foot, the pooling wraps around the cuff and leg, I promise it is more noticeable in person and I am not just some overcritical ranting person (well at least about that.)



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