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Tempting my Palette with a long term project

March 10, 2014

I often hear knitters talk about instant gratification projects. Or sometimes they even call them palette cleansers. These are projects that can be completed relatively quickly. Think, fingerless mitts, or a chunky hat, or dish cloths. If you wait until an upcoming holiday these projects are talked about in terms of stash busting and quick and easy. Now there is nothing wrong with this practice, I have in fact been participating the past month or so (baby knits anyone?) The thing with the palette cleansers is that while I like them on occasion I often end up rebounding with something overtly complicated, or excessively long-term. Take for instance my latest project:

I have decided to be stupid, brave and cast on a mind numblingly simple garter stitch blanket, and I have further decided to torture myself, be productive and use up some of my stash by using my random assortment of Knit Picks Palette yarn. The pattern that I am using, sort of, is the one I used last time I decided to go off the deep end, use this yarn, Modern Log Cabin by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. Some of you may remember when I foolishly lovingly started this blanket last year because I like to push myself to the edge and see if I snap, I thought it would make a good gift for my brother and his soon to be wife for their wedding. Well because I seem to have developed amensia, enjoyed the FO so much, have a random assortment of colors of this yarn and really not much else to do while I deal with the shingles pain I decided to cast on another one. I have no other explanation than the fact that I went through my stash the other night and discovered the random assortment  of colorsand decided on a whim to start one. Beware late night stash tossing…let me be a warning for you.

The blanket is a rather free form based on the idea of the log cabin blanket, but not with any set sizes or rows. I have been working on it since later Thursday night of this past week, and managed to knock out quite a few sections. The entire thing is still pretty small and I don’t expect to be done any time soon, my goal is to use up all the palette in my stash, which is actually more than I thought. I do have some left over from my brother’s blanket and have been incorporating them as needed. The blanket will not be anywhere near as matchy match as the first one, but I do think the colors can go well enough to work.



So far the progress has been fine, I started with the section in the lower right hand corner and have been building off of that ever since. Ever color, save for that lower right one, can be repeated and I still have quite a few other colors left, so hopefully by changing it up I don’t get too bored with it.

Of course by taking a photo I had to have one of the stash guardians out to inspect it. 20140310_142025

It seems that it has met his approval for now, but I am sure I will have to submit it a few more times for verification.


So how about you? Any epic projects you are taking on recently? Ever knit something twice, even though you swore you wouldn’t do it again? Think I might be a wee bit nuts for trying something like this again? Ever experience the rebound effect of instant gratification? Feel free to let me know in the comments.


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  1. That’s smart! I always think about doing that, but haven’t worked up the gumption for that much garter on needles that small yet.

  2. OH, and I forgot!!! my 15-stitch blanket. 🙂 But I still love it … You only ever have 15 sts on the needles, so it never seems like a lot, and I can work a couple of rows here and there … 😉

  3. My very first cardigan … And Heaven knows what I’ve gotten myself into! I’m swatching right now … And since I have read the scary postings and knitty-articles stating that “even 0.25 sts too less or too much will make you look like wearing a strap jacket/elephant skin” … I’ll do it. My gran told me that some folks make stuff too complicated anyway. Let’s see … :/

  4. slippedstitches permalink

    Loved this post. You had me laughing out loud! I so identify. I have been looking for a blanket to make my dad and I think you have solved that problem for me.

  5. I have this patchwork blanket in my queue:

    I have grand plans of making a large throw blanket out of leftover sock yarn. I’m pretty sure it’ll be finished in a couple of decades or so… Nevermind the fact that I have a rather small collection of fingering weight scraps. 🙂

    Good luck with your blanket! It’s looking fabulous.

    • That patchwork blanket looks like a lot of fun, I toyed with the idea of working with my sock leftovers but never found the right pattern. Thanks for commenting!

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