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Under the Radar

March 25, 2014

Greetings, I am Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting on assignment.

It seems the Introverted Knitter has gone into hiding for a few days. This reporter is on the scene hoping to glean some information for all of you dear readers out there. I can safely say it seems that the sequestering of the Introverted Knitter can be attributed to and I quote here “overwhelming desire of the trees and their stupid pollen to cause havoc in the world.” It appears to this reporter that the Introverted Knitter is suffering from the seasonal evil known as allergies, but when pressed she responded that in addition to the “evil trees” there was the issue of recovery time needed. As I spoke with her more, this reporter has discovered that our very own IK has just finished a weekend of hosting a baby shower and that in combination with the allergies and post shingle pain has forced her into hiding.

It does seem as though the party went well, but there were mutterings of extended periods of small talk and something concerning low batteries. This reporter is willing to conclude that the electronic devices of the Introverted Knitter must be low on battery life. Ahem, I have been just given a statement that appears to signify that I am a bit of ding bat and that the “low battery” talk was pertaining to the previously mentioned “introvert battery.”

There is no word on progress concerning her knitted items, although sources close to her claim that she seems to be making some progress on the variety of WIPS. As this reporter knows the projects of a fatigued knitter are often slow going,  I decided to err on the side of professionalism and not mention this to the Introverted Knitter when we spoke. It appears the she is expected to make a full recovery soon. As always stay tuned for continued monitoring of situation as I, Ira McKnitty-Pants stick around for updates.


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  1. Hope she’s feeling much better very soon…

  2. slippedstitches permalink

    Feel better soon.

  3. Feel better soon!

    PS: Great way to do a blog post!

  4. As much as I crave the warmth of spring, I still feel the fear of pollen. Not looking forward to that!! I hope you feel better soon.

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