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Cue the Sad Trombone

April 2, 2014

Because I have a special kind of luck,I am (as of today) on a forced knitter’s rest. I liken it to bed rest, except it applies to all the wonderfulness that is fiber arts. Why you make ask? Well because of the aforementioned luck and all I seem to have developed some possible nerve issues with my hands. (Head desk)

For a while on and off I would sometimes end up with a bit of a numbness or tingly feeling in my pinky and ring finger of my left hand (Continental Knitter, btw) this usually only happened after extended crafting periods, and usually only during car rides.Resting for a little while would alleviate the symptoms. In the more recent past the awkward feeling has happened a little more often and it become not only reserved  for the car. After a little less time the awkwardness seemed to be seeping into my right hand as well. Saturday evening I noticed a pinching feeling in my elbow and the tingly feeling came back to my fingers. I ended up not knitting that evening nor all of the next day, although I did attempt some spinning (with similar painful results) so I put the brakes on that as well and scheduled an appointment with my doctor. It took until today to get in, so that has been about four days without some knitting and (already I am bored.)  there hasn’t been an alleviation of the feeling, as opposed to before. (Side note I feel a little like I am a random occurring character on the show House, because I seem to be going in for the oddest stuff, at least for my age.)

A visit with him provided little in terms of official diagnosis, but I was given the “orders” to try a round of medicine and TWO weeks of no knitting (or other fiber arts/ things that require similar hand movements.) Now I realize in the grand scheme of things two weeks is only mild torture, really nothing and that if it turns out to alleviate some of the issues it is way better than having something serious crop up. Lucky for me the doctor mentioned the possibility of needing nerve testing done (after the two weeks I get to check back) so a tiny part of me is annoyed simply because the whole not knitting/ doing really anything else I find enjoyable for two weeks may not even fix the issue. The rest of me is so much more okay with the idea of trying the simple non-needle poking me in the arms stuff first.

I know that in reality most people on the planet can pass two weeks without knitting and still be sane (although to be fair they most likely don’t knit in the first place, but still.) I also know that you all will understand if the blog becomes a little less interesting (because honestly how many people are just here for the photos? No you don’t have to raise your hands.)  The biggest thing for me is how unproductive/bored I feel after only four days of not getting my fiber fix. I feel a little antsy when watching a show or movie with the giant because I am pretty much always knitting (or spinning) during it. I feel bored because knitting has pretty much always been there (for at least the last four years) to knock out some time. Mainly I just feel a little nervous that I will actually have to stop doing it all together (enter the dramatics) I just have enjoyed exploring and developing this part of myself and there is a nugget of fear that wonders what happens if this time off  doesn’t fix the issues?

Okay on a lighter note the doctor remarked on my way out, “Well I hope you aren’t in the middle of a project or anything..” It was all I could do not to burst out laughing…especially because I had a sock on the needles in my bag. I ended up just shaking my head and saying, “I am always in the middle of something.”




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  1. Ack, misery! Time for a new (temporary?) hobby?

  2. Oh dear 😦 I hurt my finger the other day, and couldn’t knit for just a couple of days, and I was climbing the walls! I really hope that it doesn’t escalate into anything bigger…

  3. Feel better! I’ve given myself tennis elbow from knitting so I vaguely know how you feel.

    Trust me, taking a break is the BEST thing you can do for tired and sore muscles and nerves. You can type apparently, so maybe try writing? Keeping a journal? Maybe draw something (if you’re of the drawing kind). Focusing your creative energies into a substitute might help alleviate the boredom that you’re already feeling.

  4. oh, this is rough. two weeks? I hope it fixes it. Loved the line form the doctor – clearly not a knittier. In the middle of something? Probably more than one something!

  5. As others have said… read books, clean (hey, it’s time to Spring Cleaning, anyway), and try not to feel too fidgety during car rides and movie watching. I have a hard time sitting still. If I can’t knit, I end up picking away at my fingernails. 🙂

  6. Oh honey! So sorry! You could always update your Ravelry page…

  7. Ah, sh’t! I am so sorry …. READ and (if you can) write. I recently picked up Anais Nin’s journals at the library (they are NOT PORN or in any way erotic, I swear, I got her first journal she kept from 11 year old onwards) and found it very, very inspiring and it makes an enormously interesting read.

    Get well soon! I’ll keep my thumbs pressed for you.

  8. You have my deepest sympathies. I wish I could suggest something for you to do, but unfortunately my life revolves around knitting and nothing else. I hate forgetting my knitting and not being able to knit through movies.

  9. caityrosey permalink

    It’s hard to imagine sitting still and not doing anything with my hands. Unless I am too sick to sit upright. Sorry about your predicament. Maybe do things with your feet instead? Lots of walking?

  10. shellssells permalink

    Books. Books are the ONLY way I’d survive such a thing. And it would still be tough. Movies and TV would NOT help, I can’t watch them without the knitting. I’d probably also clean my entire house, out of anger.

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