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April 7, 2014

I have been without my knitting for about a week. Unfortunately there seems to be no real improvement in my hands, although I have another week and a few days left on the prohibition. In the mean time I have attempted to occupy myself through various means.

Most notably attending a movie with the giant yesterday. We decided to be so called “out-door cats” (aka I actually agreed to go out and deal with people) and go see the movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. If you haven’t heard of it, check out that link and read the synopsis, then go see it. If you have heard of it, then go see it. Now I do have a slight confession to make, I am a big fan of the quirky, slightly odd/absurd and usually “independent” type of films, and although Wes Anderson is pretty famous in his own right, his movies seem to be a good introduction into that style. There is something to be said about an original story line and this movie does not disappoint. It was one of the first times in as many days that I found myself not itching to knit something, which was a tremendous relief.

Because let me tell you, the desire to knit is still pretty damn strong. I have found myself wanting to pick a WIP countless times each day, and I have had to force myself to sit back down when I would get up and go retrieve one. While I knew I enjoyed knitting, I never really picked up on, just how often I knit. If the times of desire are any indication I seem to be picking up the needles quite a bit. There is a tiny part of me that wonders why it seems to take me so long on projects, but then I realized just how many I currently have on the go and well I guess that was cleared up.

I think the biggest issue I have had is the fact that I was pretty close to finishing something when the no knitting rule went into effect. It’s a pair of socks for the giant, these are my first/second attempt at an afterthought heel (I am working on them at the same time as a pair for me, but they are closer to being finished.) I believe I used a tutorial for the heel portion, but for some reason I end up with this weird part at the end of the heel, this is (I am assuming) because I Kitchener’d it close, so that line you can get with the toes, where you have that little “lip” type thing is present there. The first sock (both his and mine) seem to have that and while the Giant doesn’t seem to mind, I find it annoying. Anyone else ever have that? Any ideas for a fix?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I hope so much that you’re knitting again soon. Not being able to knit sounds like a special kind of torture. 😦

  2. Ugh, what an awful feeling 😦 I hope you see some improvement soon.

  3. Sorry your knitting hiatus isn’t going too well. I can’t imagine having to give up knitting either. You’re a stronger kind than I. Hopefully it works out for you in the end and that you’ll be back knitting as soon as possible!

  4. That sucks 😦 I hope your hands start feeling better soon. (I’ve no idea on the sock heels, sorry.)

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