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Knit All The Things

April 15, 2014

There is but one mere day left on my hitting prohibition and I am already chomping at the bit to get back to it. Of course I seem to have developed a serious case of startitist wherein I want to knit all the things. Of course I still have the various WIPs floating around, luckily the desire to finish them is strong as well. Although, in reality, I will be a responsible person and not actually knit until my fingers are wasted (because two has been long enough) that passion to knit it all isn’t going away. So now the biggest thing I have to decide is just what exactly I want to work on first.

Here is a current list of most of my WIP’s

-Socks for the giant 1 (these are actually pretty close to being finished, I need to finish the second sock and then figure out how the heck to work the afterthought heels)

-Socks for the giant 2 (this is kind of stalled, they were abandoned in favor of socks 1 because I seem to be a sucker for stripey yarn…it’s a weakness, I admit it)

-Socks for me (these are a little over halfway done, the sticking point is that I am knitting a princess sole (aka I am purling the bottom to great the soft knitted fabric on the inside. I say this because I had no idea there was a legit name for it, go me for being all hip without knowing it) although the second sock is pretty far along already, and I have smaller feet than the giant)

-Hitchiker 2 (I cast this one on pretty much right after I finished the first one. This one is pretty special because it is out of my handspun.)

-Blanket 1-Nothing much to say it is a boring old blanket that I want to finish at some point in my life.

-Blanket 2- Ditto for this one

-Sweater for me- this one has been on the needles for-ev-a, okay more like June of last year (yikes)

The things I want to cast on at the moment:

-New to me lace shawl- I am not exactly sure what I am going to do in terms of a pattern, but I am feeling a lace kick coming on.

This adorable little guy– because 1) why not, 2) I love gnomes and 3) he would be adorable for my desk at work

-A pair of Domo mittens for the giant- these were supposed to have been done back in actual winter, but frankly got forgotten about…oops.

This funky thing (non Ravelry link)- Which is actually a pretty nifty solution for my drab wall clock

This cowl– In part because I was graciously given it as a prize from the Stitch Addiction Podcast favorite artwork contest. (Side note, you should seriously go check out her podcast, it’s pretty awesome and Dean the cat/co-host  is so adorable)

-Christmas gifts- although with the new job I have no idea how much I will actually be able to get done.

So the big thing, I need your help. If you have any suggestions of what project I should do first as I make my way back into knitting please help me out by leaving a comment. Thanks in advance.



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  1. Cute gnome and wall clock cover!

  2. Have you noticed if different needle sizes affect your hands differently? If so, I’d go with something that uses the needles that are least likely to give you trouble. If not…personally, I’d go with either the sweater for you, since it sounds like it’s been waiting the longest, or the socks for the giant 1, since it sounds like they’re closest to being finished.

  3. shellssells permalink

    Most favorite hobby, rather.

  4. shellssells permalink

    As someone with some pretty serious hand, wrist, and elbow pain issues from knitting, my suggestion is to change it up regularly. Don’t do all socks. Don’t do all sock weight yarn. Socks between their tight gauge and their small needles can really aggravate. So, intersperse it with worsted weight knitting, or lace knitting where needles are larger and gauge isn’t tight or even important. This means fewer finished objects because you spend more time knitting and switching between projects, but it may help you save your hands enough to continue your most favorite project. Also, I’d say add spinning in there too, as that will be different hand control as well.

  5. Why not go for the “Socks for the Giant 1”? Like you said, they’re almost done. Working in the round in stockinette or even ribbing wouldn’t be that much of a strain on your hands and would be a great judge for whether you could do more.

    Personally, that’s what I would do if I’d been forced on a knitting hiatus. I wouldn’t want to make the problem worse by over reaching myself as soon a the ban was lifted. And while I’m a total sucker for lace, nice, easy, repetitive stockinette seems like a great project for getting back into the swing of things without too much strain. 🙂

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