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More of a whimper

April 21, 2014

My big return to knitting started less with a bang and instead with more of a whimper. It appears while the desire to knit is still very much present, the ability is somewhat lacking. I have managed to get a few rows done on a couple of projects, which beats the other alternative any day, but I am no where near my old “fighting” strength. I have managed to get on with spinning, but that also remains limited.

In the mean time I have been keeping myself occupied with reading, I finally finished the Hunger Games, and am working my way through a Tim Dorsey novel during work breaks.

The other exciting news is that the Giant and I have been working our way through the Couch to 5k program. In summary the program is broken down into three sessions a “week” and you start off my walking and jogging at timed intervals for a 20 minute session. As the weeks progress you slowly add time to both, before slowly decreasing the walking portions until you are at just the jogging portions.

We just finished week 2 (out of 9) and for the most part are doing pretty good. I am having a bit of a bother with my knees, but I have been able to manage it with ice and rest. I think it has more to do with the whole being terribly out of shape (that would be the couch part) than anything else. Considering, until starting this venture, my usual stance on running was only when being chased, this seems like a significant improvement on my outlook. In terms of progress there is little beyond the aching of muscles I wasn’t sure I had and a bit of growth in stamina from the first week (although that might be more psychological than anything.)

For the most part the having to lay off of knitting has been eased by these activities, the beginning of a new job (it is going well by the way) and the fact that it has been pretty warm here, which makes the idea of working with wool a bit unappealing. I have no real time crunches on anything so I think that helps in terms of easing back in.


Other than that I am out of info. I have you have a great Monday.


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  1. I liked the words ‘more of a whimper’, that’s what my foray into knitting some days feels like too. The head is willing but the fingers just don’t get it. Luckily, for me, on other days they do, so bear with it, and just enjoy all the other stuff along the way.

  2. shellssells permalink

    As a long time C25Ker (with stops in between) I can tell you that if you continue to have problems with your knees, you may need a running assessment and different shoes. Sounds like you are ok for now, but just keep an eye on it and I’ll give you some info if you run (heh) into trouble.

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