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“Man Down”

April 28, 2014

It would seem my ability to knit versus my desire to knit are slowing building back up to being on the same page. This past weekend I managed not to over do it (too much) and actually was able to finish the pair of socks I was working on for the Giant. When we last saw the socks in question, they were complete minus an afterthought heel.

Friday night saw me sitting with my knee out of commission and as such our running schedule was put off. So instead I decided to work on the heel, just a little bit at a time. We made our way through the last half of the movie Mean Girls (a personal favorite for yours truly) and I began the process of unpicking the waste yarn while picking up the live stitches. Two things of note occurred, 1) I came to realize my rather hasty choice for waste yarn was way too dark/ similar to the blue in the sock and I found myself using language usually reserved for those crappy people who throw their cigarettes out the window of their car. 2) I am apparently a heck of a lot stronger than I expected, or else my yarn has taken on a higher density than one would think for something so soft and squishy, because this happened.

photo 1

That is a size 2.25mm (or US 1) metal double pointed knitting needle. The damn thing bent like that when I was attempting to remove the waste yarn. I sat there for a moment just staring at it because frankly it was one of the oddest things I have seen happen in a while. I will freely admit most of my metal needles are on the inexpensive end (read cheap) of the spectrum, but even so I never expected to create that big of a bend just trying to unpick some yarn. Luckily I had other needles to use and I managed to knock out the heel over the course of the weekend.

Once finished I put the two socks next to one another and noticed a weird shaping on the heel of the first one. Suffice it to say that I apparently am unable to follow my own directions and had knit the thing too long, which resulted in a weird flappy part at the end of the heel. The Giant being the person that he is, claimed he could live with it, but me being the person that I am knew that I wouldn’t be able to and so I offered to redo it, followed by actually just ripping through the last color stripe and re-knitting it.

photo 2

You cannot actually see the heels in this photo, but rest assured they have been fixed and Giant approved.  He is happy that he has another pair of socks to wear, and that they are a lot softer than most of his other ones.

Me? I am oddly and probably way too happy about one simple thing.

photo 3

These socks go almost perfectly with a blue and white stripped shirt that he owns. I realize this is an odd thing to be happy about, but there you have it.


Some project notes:

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in the Lighthouse Colorway (about 1 and 3/4 skeins were used, although don’t quote me for sure)

Needles: 2.25mm DPNS (with one casualty)

Pattern: My own with some random tidbits and changes thrown in. (More details on the last post) But the main ones were the increase in ribbing length, an afterthought heel and a new to me toe decrease

Thoughts: I am not that big of a fan of the afterthought heel, it just doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal to me, but maybe it is because the yarn only has two stripe variations? Additionally I don’t care for the weird tail that came with binding off with the Kitchener stitch.  Also the Felici yarn was way too splitty for my tastes, but I suppose that could be alleviated with different needles. Also the white was really muddled and I did have some excess dye runoff during the bath I gave them.

All in all a success.


  1. I would be very happy with that blue/white match too and guess what? My hubbie has a pair of bought socks, which are also different lengths. So, it does happen, even in the professional circles of shop-bought clothes. Keep knitting…

  2. I have some stashed felici but I haven’t used it yet.. I am looking forward to the stripes 🙂

    • I loved the sport weight stuff but this batch in fingering weight is giving me issues, I suppose it might be me more than the yarn. Anyway I hope you are able to enjoy yours. The stripes are awesome.

  3. slippedstitches permalink

    I’ve never had a needle do that. A testament to how much hard work knitting can be.

  4. caityrosey permalink

    Wow. I’ve snapped wooden needles before but that’s pretty impressive.

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