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Tiny Thanks for Giving a Hoot!

April 30, 2014

I have mentioned briefly that I started a new job awhile ago, being the new kid is never easy and my previous experiences at it have not always been the best. This time however things seem to be going great. The pieces have finally fallen into place  and I actually am enjoying myself.

One large part of this is the awesome people I get to work with. Take for example what happened within my first week of working there. A few coworkers and I were getting to know one another with the usual chit-chat. Through the course of our discussion the subject of reading came up (mind you this was during the knitting hiatus, so I had been bringing my book to work and reading during breaks for a few days) I had a coworker ask what I was reading and I replied that in addition to the book I was currently reading at work that I was also in the process of working through the Hunger Games Trilogy, but because of the (otherwise awesomeness) of my Amazon prime I was waiting on the Giant to finish/start reading the second book so that I could check out the third one. She sympathized and mentioned almost in passing that she had them in hard cover and if I ever wanted to borrow them. I believe I responded with something along the lines of being okay, because we were managing with the Kindle. The truth was I still felt like the new kid and didn’t think it would be okay to ask about the books. I mean we had known each other for only a few days. Now I will freely admit that I have personally had some issues with lending books to people (usually in regards to the condition in which they are return, or not being returned at all.) Never the less I promptly forgot about the whole thing for a day or two.

Imagine my utter surprise that when I arrived one morning to find the last two books of the Trilogy on my desk. The coworker had lent them to the Giant and me simply because I had made a passing comment about them. I can safely say I was a bit dumbfounded (call me cynical but,) I struggled to understand how someone could be so willing to lend something personal to someone they had barely known. Of course I thanked her for lending them and both the Giant and I made a point to be extra careful with them. The first (second in the series) book was finished by my husband that weekend, and returned promptly. I had finished the other book (third in the series) that weekend as well, but of course the Giant wanted to read it so it ended up being held on to for another weekend (he had this goal of finishing each one in a day.)

Well luckily I was able to return the (third) book to her yesterday (I forgot it on a Monday morning, of course.) Thanking her from both the Giant and myself, but…


All of this is a really long way of being able to show you my latest FO. Through our conversations I discovered that the book lender has a fondness for owls. As such I decided that I wanted to do something a bit more than just saying thank you. Which meant that as a knitter I wanted to demonstrate my gratitude with wool (okay it’s really acrylic, but that was more because I have no idea about allergies.) Of course as an introverted knitter I had to double-check with a non-knitter to make sure it wouldn’t be too weird. The social interactions…they can be tough. Two okays made me feel that I wasn’t bordering on the creeper line and lo and behold.

My Tiny Thanks for Giving a Hoot!

photo (1)

It is just a little guy, but he is still adorable.

Here’s hoping that the coworker enjoys the gift, and doesn’t think I am too much a creeper.

Have you ever knit something for someone as a thank you? Did you get a positive reaction? Ever struggle to understand non-knitter’s reactions to your handmade stuff?

  1. slippedstitches permalink

    Perfect little gift. She may start a collection of knitted owls.

  2. Oh that’s lovely! I bet she’ll be really touched. How could she not be?

  3. Marja permalink

    THAT is adorable! What a nice, thoughtful thank you! And glad the new job is going well.

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