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Suddenly makes sense

May 14, 2014

Or at least I think I will pretend it does at this point. Between the stress of home life and the new(er) job it appears I may be coming down with a cold. So you might be asking what makes sense? Well i have noticed that when I tend to get ill the knitting in my life can take a nosedive, add in the decreased amount of hours I have to do my job and lo and behold the possible explanation for the dip.

I do want to say a hearty thank you for all of your suggestions and tips in regards to finding my knitting mojo. I do think I might have to find something new to tempt myself soon, for now I managed to “force” (read actually sit down and pick up the needles, instead of trying to knit with the power of my mind) myself to knit a bit on the Bactus shawl.  Even better (for you all) I remembered to take a photo. Keep in mind it was later in the evening and I don’t know all the fancy features on my new phone.

photo (2)

I had to do some folding and what not to make it fit in the photo, but you should be able to make out the tonal change through the yarn. I am using up some Knit Picks Chroma in the autumn leaves and bittersweet heather, alternating every two rows. The bittersweet is a non tonal (or at least crazy subtle change) and I think it helps to break up the changing colors a bit better. The color shifts remind me more of the shifts in sunrise/sunset than the whole autumn leaves color changes, but what’s in a name right?

The pattern is easy but the color shifts are enough to keep it from being completely mindbogglingly boring which is great because I think color shifts are about as technical as I want to handle right now. (That whole being sick thing.) As of now I am just about to finish the first repeat and I have used a little over 23 g of a 100g ball (bear in mind there are two) so the thing should end up being pretty large and excellent for wrapping up in on a cool morning (which we still seem to have from time to time) or at the office where I am told they like to crank the air conditioning on.

I did take  lollyknits suggestion of spinning a bit to kick-start my mojo and it seems to have helped because I managed to knock out a few more rows on this thing before calling it a night. So thanks for the suggestion! (Also a sign for all of you that I do read your comments, even if I tend to fail at responding to them.)

How’s your week going?


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  1. Yeah spinning! Also I heard that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is now on Netflix, so that’s got to be good for some knitting time 😛 (guess what I’m doing tonight.)

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