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Baby Steps

May 19, 2014

This past weekend consisted of a lot of little steps with a lot of large things. First up was spending some time with my best friend. Her and I have not had as much of a chance to hang out in recent months thanks largely to schedules and being introverts. The get together was one of our more “regular” set ups. The Giant and I make dinner and she brings a movie or two (or more) over and we eat and talk and watch movies. This works out well, in my opinion because not only do we get to hang out, but she gets a meal and we get to see a movie that we have often not seen before. As a side note, her tastes in movies and mine are almost always on the same page, so she picks out great ones. The exceptions being; I don’t like horror movies and she isn’t always impressed with the cop movies that I like.

As for baby steps, dinner was one of them. We tried out new wines, both of which were a success. The first wine, was a Riesling (one of my favorite types of wine by the way.) The second was another white, as both her and the Giant are less familiar/in favor of reds. It was my first time trying it as well and I can say it was tastier than I expected, but not my favorite. I can say the only reason I have developed any taste for reds, is thanks solely to my awesome knitting group, they have allowed me to try out new wines in a wonderful setting. I wholeheartedly recommend you get some friends like them to be able to expand your palate.  Anyway, the dinner was a steak salad,this was a significant baby step for the Giant as he tends to dislike salads (unless they are of the taco variety) and because it was one of the first times he actually used a salad dressing (he isn’t big on them, which works since he doesn’t care for salad.) He has as he would like me to note, started coming around to the whole salad idea. One of the best things about him is that he is willing to try new things, especially when it comes to food. Unfortunately for him I am not quite as adventurous.

The next set of baby steps occurred with a bike ride on Sunday. Now I have ridden a bike, in fact most of my summers during my childhood were spent peddling around my neighborhood, but as I have gotten older the whole biking thing has faded. In an effort to get in shape/become healthier, the giant and I tried the couch to 5k program and made it through a couple of weeks until my knee started acting up and we had to put a halt to our efforts. As I have waited for the thing to heal, I began looking at lower impact ways to still get exercise. Biking came up again and again, so we decided to give it a try to go out for a couple of miles. I am happy to report that for the most part I am not sore and feel like it might be a good method for us to try. Part of the reason I haven’t tried it until now is that I have a few friends who are cyclists, and you know how sometimes you hang out with people who are super awesome and into some hobby, and sometimes you feel like you can’t necessarily join in because 1) they are amazing at it and therefore you would only ever slow them down or 2) you don’t want to be seen as the person who has to do all the same things they do? Maybe those two are just me.

The last baby step does have to do with the fiber arts. I finally finished the spin I was working on for (who knows how long.) This was another Hanks in the Hood batt that I purchased from a Knit Picks cyber sale. The colorway is Timberline, and it was a brilliant combo of green, yellow, and dark brown, with a little golden orange in the mix. It was just as nubby as the last one, but I was more prepared which helped. In terms of baby steps this had to do with a trying to be more aware of my spinning. What I mean is that I made a point of actually trying to make the singles a bit lighter, and less wiry than normal. This was harder than I thought, because I kept wanting to go super tight and super thin, which did not work with this fiber. Like I said it took forever, but I managed to finish the singles and do a 3 ply for most of the yarn.  It’s a bit under spun in a few areas, which is annoying, but I will learn to live with it. I have no idea on yardage or weight, but I figure it will chill in the stash for a while anyway as I have no real idea of what to do with it.

photo (3)

Of course my plans for continued fibery goodness were slightly thwarted by the fact that I somehow managed to get a blood blister on my thumb (thanks to a poor attempt to get my fitbit on after a shower.) Having never had one before,(the blood blister) I am not afraid to admit I was a little freaked out by it. Luckily the Giant was familiar enough to 1) know what the hell was wrong with my finger and 2) how to help out (ice and ibuprofen.) The thumb still hurts, but I am feeling better. It does mean that knitting was put back on hiatus as I wait for the thing to heal, because of course it would happen.

How’s your Monday going?


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  1. Mondays suck, but yarn makes it all better. I’ve been surfing blogs and instagram to regain my will to go on 😛

  2. shellssells permalink

    One more thing…when I first started really getting into cycling, the cyclists I knew could be totally overwhelming with their talk about gear and cadence and clipless pedals and the best pair of bike shorts and so on. And I was like “I JUST WANT TO RIDE MY BIIIIKE!” They wanted to be helpful, but it kind of put me off, or made me really stubborn. While I’ve come around to their way of thinking, it has taken me years. I couldn’t take it in all at once. SOOOOO….if I get overwhelming, just say “I JUST WANT TO RIDE MY BIIIIIKE!” I’ll understand.

  3. shellssells permalink

    You knew I’d have something to say about cycling right? First of all, #2 is Not A Thing. Most cyclists are also proselytizers. They want the entire WORLD to cycle because they just find THAT much joy in riding. And they generally want you to cycle whatever way you are comfortable with, even if it isn’t how they cycle. So, you will only make a cyclist happy when trying it out. (They will, however, want you to try cycling a bunch of different ways, in order to make sure you know what you like, but that comes later.)

    #1-I can totally understand that. However, each cyclist started somewhere. Likely where you are at now. Also, even the most amazing cyclist you meet has SO MANY other cyclists they are looking up to. So, no matter how good they get, they still feel towards others like you feel about them. Furthermore, every cyclist I know tends to plan their rides according to whom they are riding with. For instance, when I am ready to go bang out a training ride, I’ll pick a group who intends to do that. When I want to go bar hop on bikes and socialize, I’ll pick a ride where I am with people who are looking for the same. And when I want to ride with my friends, I tone down my pace to match them (though maybe ride to the meeting place and ride home to make the longer ride attainable.)

    The thing about cycling is this-it’s the introverts best sport. It doesn’t require a team or team interaction. You ride for yourself, and you compete with yourself. Your improvements are YOURS alone, and you can quietly, or loudly proclaim them, whatever your choice. You can ride in a huge crowd, shoulder to shoulder with other cyclists, and never feel like you have to speak to them. Or you can, if that’s how you are feeling in that moment. And the best part? You learn pretty quickly that no one is watching and judging you, unlike a team or other sports like bowling where you are on display for a time (which is basically my biggest nightmare.) So, rock on with your biking self, enjoy it, and let me know when you have questions. 🙂

    Of course, I consider The Giant’s salad aversion a challenge. When the summer chooses to slow down a bit, and my garden starts producing nicely, we will have to have you over. Mr. Ink and I both love to make salads, and we have some pretty good ones in regular rotation.

Care to share? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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