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July 9, 2014

If you may recall in my last post I mentioned I received some lovely  hand spun yarn from one of my knit night friends. Well what I didn’t mention is that it took me all of one day before I cast the thing on (and mind you there was sleeping and work for most of that.) I had it in my mind as soon I felt the yarn that a cowl was in order.

To be fair, I had been persuaded to the ways of the cowl by another knit night friend. She had recently finished a lovely hand spun creation and was willing to let us fondle it a bit. I scoured Ravelry for a little while (the night I received the yarn) trying to find the right pattern, but unfortunately I was unable to find exactly what I wanted. So like  someone with money burning a hole in my pocket I decided to just cast on and begin knitting. I stuck with a simple two by two rib and went until I was out. The result? A lovely squishy wonderful cowl. Perfect for a cool autumn day.

So here you go:

photo (9)


The post blocked product, the colors are showing a bit more blue in this photo, when in fact it is a lovely shade of green. You can see a bit better in the photo below, not just in terms of colors, but also in terms of squishiness.

photo 2 (9)


This cowl is all I could have hoped for and more in terms of a warm and snuggly thing. Of course it isn’t much help when we are in the upper 80’s to mid 90’s. Well I suppose there is nothing wrong with being prepared.

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  1. shellssells permalink

    Oh gosh, it looks even better ON you than it does in person! Such a lovely knit for lovely yarn!

  2. Pretty. Isn’t it funny how the colors can look so different in photos?

  3. Very cute, love the color

  4. It’s just yummy! Handspun has a feel all it’s own, and it’s so beautifully warm.. you’ll be in great shape when winter finally arrives🙂

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