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Wheels Wednesday

October 1, 2014

I am mixing things up a little (and not just by posting more than once a week :D) this weeks Wheel Wednesday is a variation on the theme. Instead of showing you the latest lovely on the wheel I am going to show you my newest wheel.  Yes you read that right, not only did I manage to snag an awesome new spindle (thanks again Ms. Marja!) but I also am now the owner of three wheels…Well sort of. You may remember that I have owned a lovely little Kromski Prelude for almost three years.

Beatrice the Wheel

My new wheel, Beatrice.

In the past year I managed to gain an additional wheel, a Honeybee double treadle.

20140219_130615Which brings the count up to two for those playing along at home. The newest wheel was in fact a belated birthday present from my in-laws. My father in law actually spotted it in a shop and managed to get it for a great price.



The wheel is a little worse for wear, but nothing completely out of sorts. It came with tons of accessories, distaff, linen bowl ect. It also seems that it could be usable with a little TLC, but there is only one small problem… the wheel itself.



It’s in fact a child’s wheel. I have put it next to the Prelude (a small wheel to begin with) as comparison. So maybe it would be fair to say I have 2.5 wheels?

In reality I know very little about the wheel, the previous owner(s) ended up attaching these weird ornamental bell type pieces ( I can’t imagine there were put there originally.) The in-laws were awesome and had taken the thing to their local yarn shop and the owner wasn’t positive but thought that there was a strong chance it wasn’t a reproduction…so wise and knowledgeable readers out there. Do any you have any guesses? No markings, or if there are they are covered by varnish (I hope it’s varnish and not legit paint, but some people’s kids and all.)

Anyway happy Wednesday!


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One Comment
  1. shellssells permalink

    How fun! That’s seriously a fun gift, and even better, the acknowledged YOU and showed that they care about you and who you are, by finding that for you. What gems of people they seem to be.

    I’d post your pictures in the Antique Spinning Wheels group on Ravelry. As well as any other identifying markings, and certainly the comparison picture. They’ll be happy to help I’d bet!

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