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Fresh From the Needles Friday: In two parts

October 3, 2014

I realize this is the third time I am posting this week which is pretty fantastic considering my recent track record. Anyway the last few weeks have been pretty darn productive around here. Thankfully my hands seem to have been making a decent recovery and while I have been taking it slow (ish) I am definitely feeling like I need to make up for lost time. I have been working on some quick and dirty projects for that almost instantaneous gratification. Which has had the bonus ability of providing a much-needed boost to my confidence. Lucky you I get to show off not one but two projects fresh from the needles.

The first up is a simple cowl using some left over semi-mystery yarn in the stash. I know it’s from the Debbie Bliss line and it is a wool blend but beyond that I am not sure. I cast on a random number of stitches using a 1X1 ribbed cast on. I followed the ribbed pattern until I had just enough yarn to bind off. The yarn was a little rougher than the stuff I normally work with so I gave it a little soak with some conditioner and left it to dry. The result is a wonderful snug little cowl. The first photo doesn’t do the color justice so I have included a photo of it drying to show the contrast.



The second piece to share with you is the result of the same set of techniques but with less stitches and less yarn. A simple 1×1 ribbed hat.


Luckily this time I do know the yarn, it is Knit Picks Swish DK in the Marlin colorway. Way back at the beginning of the year I made a blanket for my newest niece out of the Swish DK and because at the time of ordering it I wasn’t sure how big I wanted to go I ended up with two of each of the colors. The skeins aren’t terrible, but at 123 yds my options are a little more limited. I ended up with a hat that fits more like a beanie than anything else, at least on my head. I am thinking for a kid or younger adult it might be a bit better fit (aka actually cover their ears.)

Spinning has continued as well, although I have no photos to share. Just imagine two balls of singles where there was one last time. I am starting on the third section with the spindle. I have made it a habit to try to spin a little before bed time, much to the cats enjoyment. It appears Toby is finding the Bossie of particular interest and will sit a foot or two away from me when I start spinning, but slowly inch his way closer until he can bat at the thing with a quick little paw. Luckily he hasn’t done any damage to the thing and after a while he gives up to retreat to the safer distance. Another cat is still fond of the polwarth fiber and will take the opportunity to rub his nose around in it while purring like a little boat motor.

In other news the weather is finally starting to feel like Autumn, a few cooler days have left me dreaming of more comforting woolies. I find myself dreaming of sweaters and cardigans, but I don’t think I have enough yarn of any particular shade/combo to do one justice, well unless you count some lace weight, but while I dream of snuggly cardi I am not crazy enough to try something like that at this point…unless I want it for next year (if I am lucky.)

How’s your crafting going? Do you have the beginnings of Autumn in your area? What’s peaking your interest in terms of crafting?


  1. Wow! Three posts in one week! I am envious.
    Last weekend, a friend of mine taught me to appreciate the beauty of fall instead of just using it as a benchmark to dread the oncoming winter. So yesterday, I took a winding road home instead of the highway and admired the trees for their beautiful foliage on their own.

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