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A little color

October 7, 2014

I have been finding myself perusing the stash more and more as of late, born out of a somewhat sudden desire to knit socks. Unfortunately I seemed to find little in terms of inspiration within the confines of my well loved stash. Overall my buying has slowed considerably and what little I have been purchasing has been fiber or very project specific, this coupled with lower turn overs than I would have liked, has left the stash feeling a bit stale. So what’s a knitter to do?

Make a trip to the local yarn shops of course. Notice how I said shops, yes indeed my area is now home to three local yarn shops, yes it is pretty fantastic. A few weeks ago the Giant and I managed to visit one of the two newer stores and so this time we decided to visit the other new one and also check out the third shop as well. The newest LYS is a wonderful little store, filled with a variety of yarns and accessories, but little by way of sock yarn. Undeterred I did manage to snag a new set of DPN’s that have proved helpful for sock knitting. I find my hands were growing sore after only a few rounds with the straight (and inexpensive) metal ones and I only really had two pairs of wood needles in the right size. Unfortunately one of the sets of wood needles splintered, leaving me with just the one pair, which is by my standards unacceptable. So the hunt was on, the shop didn’t actually carry bamboo or wood needles and so I decided to be a bit brave and try out a new to me set. Knitter’s Pride Karbonz, in a 2.25mm (US 1) came home with me.

Since my efforts to procure sock yarn were a bust at the first yarn store, the Giant and I made out way to the second, more established one and right away I noticed some changes. I could tell I hadnobbession’t been shopping in a while because I was immediately struck by the desire to buy all the things. (Okay maybe that had nothing to do with the whole not buying for a while and more to do with the obsession I have with yarn. Let’s just say it’s Little column A, Little column B.) After looking at the lovelies for quite I awhile I decided upon four skeins that seemed like a great antidote for breaking me out of the stash ennui that had settled.

Lest you think I am completely heartless, I would like to point out that I did give the Giant the opportunity to pick out a skein for a pair of socks for him. Can I just say that man was quick with picking out his skein, leaving me no real room to even consider taking back the offer (not that I would, but you have to wonder if he might be itching for a new pair of socks.) My selection was a bit more vibrant than I usually go for (again I think this was a desire to break out of the muted tons that seem to occupy my stash right now.) I also branched out in my selection of yarn choices, picking up all new to me brands (or at least styles within a brand, but more on that later.) I did have a few moments of contemplation when we were driving home and realized that I have come a long way in the last 4.5 years since I started knitting again. What would have been an absurd amount of money just for my new needles back then, left me with little guilt now. The same can be said of the yarn purchases, I would never have considered spending that much money on one skein of yarn let alone four at once, but I have come to realize that my skill set has improved enough and I have confidence enough that I don’t feel as though it is a waste of money to spend that much on things for myself (or the Giant.) In the end it really isn’t about the money, I mean yes having a little more for the yarn budget is great and I know that I have to save for things like this, but in all honesty I really do think it has more to do with my growth as a knitter than it has to do with the growth of budgeted account.

Anyway, enough torture for you all. Here are the lovelies.

First up is Regia. This is the new style within the brand for me. I have worked with Regia before and have enjoyed the durability and feel of the yarn. This time I picked up the 6-fadig color style in the 6363 Leaves colorway. This yarn is a wonderful set of colors and promises to stripe up in just the way I like.


The next purchase came from and is for the Giant. This marks the first time I will be using Trekking XXL and I am hoping it will be as good as others have stated it is. Of course because I seem unable to completely escape the more neutral colors, the Giant’s pick was a bit toned down for my taste. Maybe I will knit a bright stripe of something into it just to spice things up. Only kidding, of course.

IMG_0598The next in line was another new to me brand, I will freely admit the colors got me on this one. It’s Lang Yarns  JaWoll Color, in the oh so creative 902.0009 colorway. This was probably the first thing that caught my eye and definitely got held a bit as I walked around the shop browsing other things. I know that I am not alone in that so I have little fear sharing it with you all, but sometimes there is yarn that I am like, “yeah this would be nice and maybe I should get it,” so I will consider it, then put it back and look around for something else and maybe go back for the skein or not. Then there are the skeins where you are like “must have the precious, we loves the precious, it must be ours,” and you carry the thing around like it is a lost relic or something….no just me? Okay then.

Anyway this skein just really turns my crank and so I think it may hang out in the stash for just a little while, sitting a shrine on me desk. I can offer it lesser skeins as tribute and pet it as I check my email or just go in there to hang out with it. Ahem…right a photo.


The photo above isn’t doing it much justice, it’s more deep tones with less of a reddish hue. Definitely a bit on the cooler side of the spectrum.

The last skein was a surprise for me in a few ways, first it marked the first time I actually saw this yarn in the LYS and it was the first time that I found a brand that I was actually really familiar with in the wild. It seems to be popping up all over the blogs and podcasts I check out and so for me ti was one of those, hey it’s a tiny world moments. Anyway this definitely marked my falling down the rabbit hole in terms of buying all four skeins. It is also the one that sent me into the reflective mindset as mentioned above. The yarn is Sweet Georgia, in the Tough Love base in the Midnight Garden colorway. This was in a hank which for good or ill (depending on how you want to look at it) was wound up right on the spot by the lovely ladies at the shop. Which of course meant combined with the fact that I had a new pair of needles at my disposal there was nothing standing in my way in terms of casting on right there.


So I did. This yarn is producing more of a swirled pattern instead of a traditional stripe, which I find myself enjoying just as much.

There you have it my latest attempts at busting out of the “boring old stash.” It seems good to breathe a little new life into it every once and while. If nothing else I think this should tide me over for at least a little while.

Have you made any new purchases lately? Tried out the yarn I listed? Let me know what you think in the comments.



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  1. sparkeespud permalink

    I love Regia. It’s a good solid yarn. Those socks will last for ages. I also picked up a skein of that same Trekking a while back. Still haven’t decided if it is going to make socks or something else.

  2. I love it! Soooo pretty and they look so squishy! I think blogging and reading about blogs definitely makes me want to buy more yarn a lot!! No worries, I also walk around stores with a “precious” skein…must have the precious 🙂 Can’t wait to see the Sweet Georgia all knitted up! Enjoy those Karbonz, I just bought a pair as well and I’m loving them!!

  3. Oh I’m feeling yarn-envy brewing! I’ve been actively reducing my yarn stash with the intention of buying only for specific projects, and this has made my fingers tingle! Beautiful yarns and gorgeous colours, especially the last one!

  4. love that last skein – yummy blues and greens. I am not a fan of reggia, but the colors are great! You are going to have lots of fun. I have not been really yarn shopping in a while, which is not to say I have not bought yarn, but always with a project tin mind. I like how you did it, just wandering through and figuring out what was calling you.

  5. I love all the pretties! I don’t normally knit stuff right away, I have to get in the requisite amount of petting and admiration first. I feel like the yarn treats me better if I flatter it a little before I knit it.

  6. Awesome choices! We have all of those yarns at the shop and I’ve worked with all of them. I promise you won’t be disappointed 😉 I’ve been meaning to try those Karbonz! Let us all know how they work out!

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