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Little Monsters

October 20, 2014

A little bit of knitting to show this Monday morning. The first two were projects that have been sitting around just waiting for some little bits of finishing. They are made out of some left over stash (Knit Picks Felici Sport to be exact) and are just from my own mind. I started them quite awhile ago on a whim and after sitting down and just finishing the foot for one along with sewing on another eye and working on some arms and feet for the other they are finished.

I think they are quite adorable and pretty spot on for this time of year. I present to you my little monsters.



Between the two of them I managed to knock out most of the remnants of the skeins which was perfect.

My knitting trend continued as I decided to try a pattern for another little critter. This time I decided to try something a little more familiar looking. Following the pattern by Linda Dawkins, aka Mamma4earth on Ravelry I made the Beans the Cat Pattern out of some left over Malabrigo Rios.


This little guy is pictured sitting in my hand for scale. Despite my poor eye sewing skills and the fact that I opted for a knit nose instead of the felted one that she recommends I still love the little guy. It is a little hard to see in the photo but the cat even has a sweet little i-cord tail. I definitely see myself making more of these in the future.

I can definitely see the appeal of knitting up little creatures like this, in terms of time and general adorableness but not to worry about the dear little Sweet Georgia sock, it is still seeing quite a bit of progress,although it still looks similar to wear I was before (black hole knitting anyone?) The giant and I did make a trek out to one of the lys’s this weekend and I managed to get a second pair of Knitter’s Pride Karbonz for sock knitting (hurrah) I also picked up a lovely skein of Berroco Vintage Worsted in a fun and vibrant red for the Giant, well technically he picked it out, but it is destined to be a new season-that-is-impending-but-shall-not-be-named-right-now hat for him. I am given free rein when it comes to picking a pattern so my next task will be sitting down and browsing through Ravelry for inspiration.

Any one have any ideas? Any hats that you just love to make that you just feel compelled to shout from the roof tops about? Comments would be greatly appreciated. Until next time.



One Comment
  1. Marja permalink

    All the little critters are adorable! I love them.

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