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FFNF: Collaboration Shawl

February 13, 2015

Holy cheese and rice, here it is Friday and I actually have something finished to show you. (Also, can I get a woohoo for posting three times this week?) So this FO is one I have been teasing on Instagram for a little while. (By the way if you want to follow me, I am the same name over there–>introvertedknitter.) IMG_1129

It is in fact another shawl and it is knit out of some wonderful hand spun. However the shawl in question is not out of my hand spun, it is from the always lovely and totally awesome and the giver of wonderful things: Ms. Marja. Not only is it her wonderful hand spun, (seriously the woman is amazing) not only is it from the talented Spun Right Round, and not only is it in purple, gray and green (my colors for sure) but it is in fact out of the favorite of yours truly, BFL.Yes that sound you heard was me being knocked over by a feather.

Marja was gracious (that might not be a strong enough word) enough to give me this luscious yarn because she doesn’t knit. The yarn was mine to keep. Seriously. She just gives the stuff away (not always, she isn’t crazy) and hardly ever asks for something knitted in return. I have scored more than a few amazing skeins from her. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should have a friend like Marja (but you can’t have her, she’s been claimed by more than just me. 🙂 Not just because she gives us free hand spun. )

Okay so here is what I ended up doing with that amazing gift. I perused Ravelry for a bit (if we take a bit to mean a few weeks) trying to find something perfect for it, with no real luck. I knew that I wanted something to show off the colors, because she had chain plied it. I knew I wanted something to wear, because duh. And I was pretty darn sure I would get weirder looks if I just walked around with it draped around my neck. So after finding nothing that fit my ideas exactly, I did what most other knitters would do…I improvised.

The idea was to make something slightly crescent-shaped (increasing on both ends of each row) and squishy (garter stitch to the rescue.) Victory was mine, with this wonderful beauty.


seen here blocking.


I could barely stand the wait as it dried. Trust me when I say the cats were just as bad.

It was so worth it though.



Happy Friday!


  1. Love it! It looks great on you!

  2. I love the colors

  3. sparkeespud permalink

    It is stunning!! Well done!

  4. Marja permalink

    Awwwww shucks! You are really TOO KIND! Since I don’t knit and I don’t want to be a hoarder of all the yarn, it really is in everyone’s best interests that I share with friends. I love what you did the skein! It’s such a lovely shawl.

  5. shellssells permalink

    This is really really good! Just beautiful. Also, I think between you and me, we’ve made Marja famous, and most knitters jealous.

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