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FFW: Malabrigo Nube

March 9, 2015

For this week’s post (hopefully first of at least two) I thought I would share with you my somewhat productive weekend. Aside from the gorgeous spring weather we had, and seriously it was amazingly nice out…if one ignores the fact that all of the tree have decided to “SPREAD ALL THE POLLEN” and so I am left with only one working nostril at a time. Aside from the whole pollen thing, I managed to finish one of my spins this past weekend. One that started out life on my spindle before growing up and being plied on my Honeybee, not once but twice.

So you may remember this?


It became this:



After which I mentioned via Instagram that I was afraid the yarn was under spun, which it was. I had reached this conclusion after having plied about half onto the wheel, and was a little less than two thirds of the way when someone mentioned that I should try adding extra twist to the plying.

After finishing the first round of plying I did give the yarn a little bath, just to see how much it would poof up. It was less than I expected, but a bit more than I wanted, mainly causing a pain in the areas where it was under spun the most.

I waited for the whole thing to dry and sent it through the wheel again, this time focusing on a more consistent and tighter ply.

The end result is right around 448 yards of a two ply that is soft and squishy and makes me want to wear it around my neck and accost people on the street demanding they look at the beauty.

Instead I will share it with all of you. Because we can all agree, bail would eat up a lot of the fiber budget.




Malabrigo Nube fiber: 100% Merino

Colorway: Archangel

Plies: 2

Yardage: 448 yds appx.


Happy Monday.


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  1. You should accost people at the next fiber event or your next knitting group…at least then it would be appreciated! It’s gorgeous!

  2. It looks great!

    Too bad I can’t squish it through my computer screen. But I’ll certainly take your word that it’s nice and squishy!

  3. It turned out well, I would love to start spinning but I don’t know where to start

  4. shellssells permalink

    Yep, that one’s a win! Looks great, so beautiful! And, the colors we need to be seeing in our lives right now.

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