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March 19, 2015

Happy Thursday dear readers, we are on that downward slide to the end of the week.  Luckily my happiness for this weekend has more than doubled, thanks to a lovely new influx of scrap yarn. Thanks to a rather serendipitous situation involving a friend of mine I was able to make a trade with her. Just in the nick of time too, proof?

This is the amount of yarn I have left before starting to double up actual colors, or straight up pulling from full skeins (I have not come to the point where I want to do this. I feel like the blanket stops becoming a scrap blanket at that point and instead becomes some insidious beast that I have to constantly feed, and I have seen Little Shop of Horrors enough to know how this story ends.)


Four colors, just four little colors. Why so few?


Because this blanket is growing. I have a hard time putting it down. I think I knit at least a square or three a night. The fact that they take only about a half hour, definitely helps. This thing is actually pretty fun to do, I think the organization of colors and the fact that it is something I can do and zone out with makes it ideal for the end of long days.

Lucky for me though the trade happened this week and I am now the proud new 2nd hand owner of all of these lovely scraps.


Trust me when I say that this makes me pretty excited. I do feel fortunate that not only did I have a friend who was willing to trade for them, but she gave me way more than I was expecting. The fact that we both were able to downsize on different things and end up with things we needed made it an even better win win too. I do know a few franken-squares will have been born out of some of the smaller scraps, but I don’t mind. I am just happy to be able to feed the beast, keep knitting. I only hope I can make them last long enough to figure out a way to get some more…what me addicted?




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  1. Such a happy blanket! How much yarn do you need for a square on average?

  2. Marja permalink

    I may be able to contribute some scraps at some point as well.

  3. shellssells permalink

    I have always felt that a reasonable trade that makes both parties happy is one of the most satisfying actions of my crafting life.

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