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A wee start to Monday

March 23, 2015

Hello dear readers,
I hope your Monday is off to an okay start. We have some cloudy weather this morning and that makes me happy simply because it might be bringing rain. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the rain? I am sure I have.

Anyway this past weekend was a busy one filled with some spinning, lots of knitting and the very beginnings of a brand new project. Alas the spinning does not come with photos, I may have forgotten. Come to think of it, neither does the knitting. Wow, sorry about that, can I take a pass because of the aforementioned Monday? Of course I can, this is my blog and I will cry if I want to… Wait that last bit may not be right, never mind. Bummers on the lack of photos, but I can tell you about it right?
My focus this weekend was my March socks, although to be fair my focus was a little lacking, because I may have knit a few more squares on the blanket, and I am realizing I totally forgot to measure the amounts used, ugh. Talk about a Monday right? Sorry Amanda, I will try for next time. So the socks and the sock blanket, both saw some love. Although the socks are in desperate need of more attention. I am sure I can finish them, provided I actually , you know, work on them.

Okay so one last thing before I leave you, I did have one more yarn adventure begin, keep in mind it is just at the wee beginnings,okay? Okay. I bought new yarn, this yarn in fact: Malabrigo sock in love in light, and solis.

( please note that my poor camera was blown out by the pink. It is crazy pink, to be fair. )

To turn into a wee dress/tunic for my wee niece who is going to be turning one in May (what the what? How did that happen?! I feel like she was just born! Ahem) So the fun bit for you all is that I plan on designing this pattern myself, so if nothing else it should be entertaining the next month or so as I try to figure out how to create what I have in mind. So yeah, at least that should be fun.


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  1. Seems like that is all I am knitting for night now, but I love creating for babies

  2. Those colours make my heart sing. So beautiful!! I can’t wait to see the outcome!

  3. Baby knits are such fun! I can’t wait to see how those two colors look together 🙂

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