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4 grams

March 31, 2015

It appears the infatuation with the hitchhiker shawl is waning a bit. I managed to knock out 16 repeats before answering the siren’s song of the sock blanket again.


The majority of the additions have been thanks to the lovely trade made with Shells earlier this month. I find myself still getting nervous about my supply, because it seems like I am running through colors fairly quickly. I figured out with the 40 stitches I cast on for each square (or pick up as the case may be in terms of placement) I end up using right around 4 grams of yarn. I think that ends up being right around 12.5 yards of yarn. Which means mini skeins are definitely a possibility but these little skeinettes are not going to work. Which is a bummer, because it would be an easy way to feed the blanket, I mean acquire more yarn.

The whole idea of buying yarn to make a blanket that was supposed to use scraps, (so as to knock down some of the extra amounts of yarn in my stash) feels a little counterproductive, but the blanket is oddly addicting to work on and so I find myself looking at various online shops for minis. I know that in all honesty, before I shell out the cash I need to raid my stash for yarns that I probably won’t use and claim some from there. Knowing this and actually doing is going to be the difficult part.

That being said, anyone else working on a scrap blanket? Do you participate in swaps or trades? I have enough of the various bits used in the blanket already that I think swap or trade might be worth it…care to point a fellow knitter in the right direction?

How’s your knitting going?


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  1. If you don’t already know about her, Andi is working on a sock blanket and is doing swaps. Hope that helps!

  2. Serenova permalink
  3. That’s so fun! Love all the different colors.

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