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Failure to count

April 13, 2015

It has become apparent to me that I seem to have some issues with counting. I have attempted to cast on a specific number of stitches at least four different times last night and I was unable to make it to the correct count all four times. I had issues getting enough stitches, and then it was too many stitches, followed by taking too many stitches off (a failure I noticed only after knitting a few rounds, of course.) The project is one that I have already had to frog three times, which should at least give me a few points for sticking with it. The only reason I haven’t completely abandoned the project and the yarn is that the finished object is due in a few weeks and I would really like to have it done.

What started as make up your own pattern, which was destined to become a little dress for my niece, turned disaster when I realized I was off in my sizing. This is where the first frogging occurred. I gave up on designing on the needles/on my own at this point because I found out my deadline was moved up by about two weeks. Instead I opted for a pattern that should be fairly straight forward. I managed to knit about two inches of the thing before I realized I was making way too small of a version, thus we have frogging number two. The third attempt was after carefully making a note of what size I wanted and casting on the right number of stitches, where in I realized that I had cast on with the wrong color of yarn (there are only two and they are very different, I can’t even…) So frogging number three happened and we meet up with my four failed attempts at casting on the right number.

I almost wonder if it would be worth it to make her another little sweater instead of trying to master this dress thing. I mean summer nights can be a bit chilly right or I could do a toy, what little one doesn’t like a softee to squeeze and love, right?


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  1. I have trouble counting crochet, I think because of some visual-mental impairment. Is that a stitch? Or a random loop?
    With knitting, I taught myself how to count in groups of five, which makes me feel clever and quick. When it works out in my favor, that is…

  2. I’m impressed with your fortitude. I think, after the cast on failure, I’d have given up knitting & gone shopping at Walmart.

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