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Thursday Spinning

May 14, 2015

Thanks to the fact that I haven’t been sleeping the greatest this week I have managed to get a little time here and there on some SIPs (Spins in progress.) I still haven’t managed to get the hang of the supported spindle so sadly nothing to share with that, but I do have some progress to show from the nifty 3D printed Turkish spindle.


This spindle comes to me via the TurtleMade Etsy shop. I am spinning some Edgewood Garden Studio fiber, Falkland in the Balmy Waters colorway. I am still amazed at how thin I can go with small spindle, and how long it spins, I am certainly enjoying getting to know the new addition to the herd.

Not to be outdone, Beatrice and I spent a little time together the other evening, and I made some progress on a rather lengthy spin. This just happens to be Edgewood Garden Studio fiber and it also happens to be Falkland (I did not plan that I promise!) This colorway is called Scotch Broom and I have had it on the wheel for far too long. I am still less than halfway through the 4 ounces which is pretty awesome considering how the bobbin is filling up.


There hasn’t been any real reason for the downtime in spinning nor could I completely pin point the sudden rise. Perhaps it’s thanks to the podcasts I have been watching? Whatever the reason, I am happy to be back at the fiber-filled activities.

I think it is safe to say the cats are too.


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  1. I want to learn to spin

  2. shellssells permalink

    The one on the wheel is stunning, I love the colors! Do you need more “throw away” fiber for the support spindle? I am sure I can find some in my stash.

  3. JoanCP permalink

    I have found that when I watch video podcasts I am more likely to be on my wheel or needles more consistently. Seeing others working on their projects keeps me motivated!

  4. Spinning waxes and wanes for me. I’m always knitting, (probably because I can do it while I work on other things) but I get briefly obsessed with spinning and then let it go for a while. I love your SIP’s!

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