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Mail Day

May 22, 2015

Yesterday was a pretty good mail day here at the home of the Introverted Knitter. Last week I purchased my very first skein from Lamby Toes, which is the shop of the wonderful podcast Knot A Podcast. I have been following this podcast for over a year now and I can safely say it is one of my favorites. Amanda does a great job of not only sharing what’s on her needles/spinning wheel/ cross stitch, but she also makes a point to share a bit about her daily life, which I always appreciate. So if you are looking for a lovely new podcast, definitely check her out.

But back to the yarn, because let’s be honest this is what you all want to see anyway. This yarn is hand-dyed by Amanda, and it is a speckled yarn. I have not actually worked with a speckled dyed yarn before (that I can remember at least) but from what others have mentioned it seems like it has similar addictive properties to self-striping, which I am all for.

My colorway is called Bad Egg, and it is on her Moon-Pie Merino base, which is a 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon blend. I should note that the colors are not done justice in the photo they are more varied and vivid than they appear.IMG_1457

I also managed to snag a Lamby-Toes button which I am pretty jazzed about, growing up my elementary school always had a “button day” where each student tried to wear as many buttons as possible, I can remember one year I was decked out in buttons, to the point I had to have a shirt that I could take off. Needless to say I “won” that year, but anyway I am still a fan of buttons, and even more so when I can represent the knitting world with them.

As for what I am going to make with this lovely skein, that remains to be seen. My original idea was to make socks, but now that I see it in person I am wondering if I should make a shawl or something else. Anyone out there have an opinion? I would love to get some feed back.

In other news today through Monday I am off work which means there will be lots of crafting going on here, as long as I can stay awake (gotta love the fatigue from Fibromyalgia and UCTD, right?) I am still plugging away on my May socks, but am only just a wee bit past the ribbing on the second sock. The slow going is due in large part because I haven’t been bringing my knitting to work, instead I have been burning through quite a few books lately. I am a big suspense fan, and I have recently started reading the Lincoln Lawyer series (I am not positive they are actually a series, but so far the two I have read have been awesome) I haven’t seen the movie based on the first book, I want to, but there is a small part of me that knows it won’t be nearly as good as the book and so I might end up disappointed.

How about you? How has your crafting going? Read anything good lately?


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  1. I adore Amanda’s yarn! And I also follow her podcast. I snagged 2 skeins of that exact yarn (color and all) that I’m going to make Leher out of. If you want to use every last inch of the yarn you could always make a Baktus shawl, where you increase until you’ve used half the yarn (by weight) and then decrease to create an elongated triangle.

    Of course you could probably find something just as lovely on Ravelry with a little bit of looking!

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