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Who? for Two

May 26, 2015

This past weekend saw me knitting quite a bit. I managed to finish a pair of hats for a coworker who is becoming an aunt times two in a few months. The parents-to-be had decided to forgo knowing the gender of the babies and so I worked up a little pattern to play off of their nursery theme.

First I made the basic construction of the hatsIMG_1460

I ended up inverting the main colors at the request of the auntie-to-be, and I think it really does look rather lovely. The theme for the nursery is owl’s and I am thinking the end result might just be cute enough to live up to all the other wonderful things for the new tiny humans.

What do you all think?


I ended up making my own pattern for these as I couldn’t find anything just right. I did use a variation on the eyes and beaks from this pattern although I tweaked both a little to suit my needs. Over all I am really happy with how they turned out and I believe my coworker will be too.

In other news the socks and I are still in the slog, growth is happening but at a snail’s pace. I know my lack of singular focus (or much of any to be honest) is to blame. Here I am with five days to spare and I have one foot and a toe plus two heels to finish in that time. Considering my race to the finish the last few times this one should prove to be no less exciting.

So how’s your knitting going?

  1. Those hats are just adorable!

    My knitting is such that I’ve finished 2 things this week! Yay!

    But seriously, those hats are just the cutest and I don’t think it’ll matter what sex the babies are, they’ll look adorable in them anyways. 😀

  2. How adorable! This is a really sweet idea for a baby and could be great for a boy or girl 🙂

  3. Those are too cute

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