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June Socks: Substitution

June 2, 2015

I ended up drawing for my June socks on June 1st and while I had placed all this yarn in the bags with the intent of knitting things in my stash, when I took this month’s selection out I realized that this yarn was just not going to cut it. I have grown a lot as a knitter since starting in 2010 and in that time my tastes have changed a lot too. With the struggle that came from knitting the last pair of socks, I have made the decision to substitute the chosen yarn for a different one that I actually want to knit in my stash. The offending yarn will be dealt with at a later date.

For my June selection and to kick off Sock-it To Summer (check out Knot a Podcast for more details) I am going with this yarn.


It is a new to me yarn and while this might end up biting me in the back side for now I am going to try to be optimistic. Keep the needles crossed for me!



From → Fiber Arts

  1. like the color

  2. That’s a pretty color! Can’t wait to see your socks 🙂

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