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FFWW: The Dyeing Arts-Absinthe

June 17, 2015

I finally (and I mean finally) finished a spin! This was plied on Sunday and rested until last night. The long resting had little to do with the fiber and more to do with the fact that I didn’t manage to wind it off until then.

The singles were spun on my Bosworth spindle over the course of a few months. The colors varied between a vibrant green to a deep grape purple, with a muddying of the two in between. The fiber wasn’t the best I have ever spun, I think it had been handled a lot before I claimed it as mine. I was drawn to the colors at first and then the fact that it was BFL clinched the deal for me. 

The plying took considerably less time, I opted for my wheel simply because I wanted this skein to be mine sooner. I noticed that once again I seemed to have under spun the singles. I find that when I am spinning on my spindle I always feel like I am getting just the right amount of twist, maybe even a little over twist, but when I transfer to the wheel it always seems to be under spun. Any spindler’s out there have any suggestions or tips? Have you had this happen to you?

The yarn was given a bath after this last photo was taken, so I don’t have a yardage count yet. It is one of my thinnest spins so I am hoping for some nice distance. I opted for a two ply which meant the colors were a bit muddled, although there are definitely a few sections where the colors lined up to create a deeper hue. Over all I am pretty fond of it (come on who wouldn’t be, it’s BFL) and I am thinking a shawl is in its destiny, although which one remains to be seen. IMG_1515

How is your spinning going?



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  1. I tend to underspin as well (or else WAY overspin), so I can’t give any tips about how to fix it.

  2. I haven’t been spinning much lately, I seem to be having neck pain when I spin! 😡 I’m just drooling over everyone’s gorgeous spinning instead.

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