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November 19, 2015

So yes, I am still here and yes, I do still check in on the blog. I know it’s been quiet for more days than I would really like to consider, but as the title suggests, changes are afoot. The absenteeism towards the blog is thanks in large part to my body deciding to kick its own butt. Lately the fibro (and whatever the else may or may not be wrong) has been pretty awful, with a wonderful variety of symptoms that pretty much mean I have had less and less of a desire to do anything but attempt to sleep. Of course when it is 2 AM and you feel like you’ve been thrown down a flight of stairs while also rubbing your skin with sandpaper, sleep doesn’t always want to make an appearance. I’ve tried not to discuss the health stuff too much on the blog, because 1) private person, 2) trying to minimize and seem “normal” and 3) wanting to keep “that” and “here” separate. Of course the separate has meant almost a month since I last posted, which isn’t what I want either.

So I am going to try something a little different, what this means for you, my dear reader, is that there will hopefully be more posts, but they may include a small (or rather large)  part concerning the whole living with a chronic illness. I promise I don’t mind if you only come for the pictures, I will try to keep those coming as much as possible.

In fibery news, I am woefully behind on my sock of the month club, with the gusto falling aside sometime in the middle of September. This wane in sock knitting was a preview of the waning in pretty much all knitting. I am currently working on the September sock (at least the second one at this point) and have cast on for the October socks, of course these turned out to be for the Giant and at his request the regular pattern is getting tweaked a bit (read as: bigger and longer) they are also in a painfully boring solid green color, that will be great dress socks when done, but for now make me think of how happy I am that I don’t have to deal with the grass needing to be cut any time soon (to be clear I don’t do the actual mowing, I just suffer the sniffle inducing results.)  I am still working on my sockblanket, but don’t have a decent picture at this time, which of course does no good, but just imagine what it looked like before, but a little bigger and with some different colors thrown in.

How are things going for you?


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  1. I try to accomplish a few little tasks each day in spite of myself. But allow myself those “do nothing but crawl up with a good book ” days too.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about how rough things are with your illness! I completely understand why you haven’t blogged.

    I don’t mind hearing about your medical stuff. It’s a part of your life and it’s apparently having a huge effect on your life so it’s only expected that it would impact your blog. Who knows, talking about it (even to a blog) might be helpful. You never know!

  3. Aw! I completely understand about not wanting to divulge too much of your personal life. I would absolutely read posts that involve discussion of chronic illness. It’s hard not to discuss something that’s the Elephant In The Room.

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so awful.

  4. anytime you need to write. Do it. It is great to see you anytime you are able to visit. You are missed. Sending you some hugs and love

  5. I don’t mind hearing about your life. I know that sometimes it’s hard to balance what’s foremost in your mind with what the stated purpose of your blog is (crafts) but at the same time, each blog is highly personal, and trying to hide big parts of your life can stifle creativity and your desire to write. Those are just my thoughts, I’m sorry you’ve been having a hard time 😦

  6. Sorry to hear about your rough time with your illness. I took a month hiatus too, but love that my blog is a place to share exciting news. I’ve met some really great virtual knitting friends while blogging. Hang in there– you’re not alone.

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