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Fresh From the Wheel: Mutant Flamingos

November 25, 2015

I am not someone who cares for the color pink. I have never really been a fan of the more pastel like variations, the “hot” and neon versions don’t really trip my fancy and unless it is bordering on such a deep dark color that it can be mistaken for red, I probably won’t be interested in it. Of course with all things (myself included) there are exceptions to the rule. For me it comes in the form of those brightly often very pink birds, known as flamingos.

Flamingos have a rather odd place within my extended family, with the original exchange involving my grandmother, her youngest and those pink plastic birds that can often be seen adorning lawns. The overall tradition of exchanging flamingo based items means that my grandmother has a rather large and varied assortment of flamingo based products.

Thanks to the association of the birds to our matriarch I find myself uninentionally drawn to all things flamingo. Which means when I spotted this colorway in Spun Right Round’s shop I felt the overwhelming urge to buy it. Despite my aversion to almost all things pink I ended up inaugurating my new wheel with four ounces of this colorway on polwarth.


The spinning itself seemed to take forever, (mainly because I didn’t actually take the time to spin, funny how that works huh?) But along the way I discovered that not only does one of my cats love laying in fiber (he does) and not only does another one love to rub against any wheel, whether it is in motion or not (this one does too) but apparently the third (and final) cat has a very strong fascination with the actual act of turning fiber into yarn and even more fascination with plying. (There maybe a few sections of the finished yarn that has a bit of cat spit spun in.)


The singles were some of my thinnest yet, which was awesome, until it came to plying and then of course I was questioning my choices. Luckily with some perservernce (and a few nights worth of plying) I did manage to get the whole bit finsihed. I decided on a regular two-ply, because I hadn’t done one in awhile. (Hence the whole “ohmygoshwhatwasIthinkingspinningthisthin” moment(s).)

The finsihed skein went on my new niddy noddy, which should actually provide a closer measurement of yardage, and then had a little bath. It did end up poofing up a bit which was to be expected.


before the bath


After the bath

I am happy with the results and I do plan on using it to make something eventually. Am I the only one that doesn’t use their handspun? I have a big plastic bin filled with a variety of different levels of spinning (beginner to now) and for some reason I would rather just stash it all like some fiber deranged squirrel hiding skeins for a future date.

Maybe that can be a goal for 2016 (also anyone else astonished that the year is almost over? I find myself wondering what happeend to October, I feel liek one minute it was the start of Autumn and I blinked and now it’s the day beforeThanksgiving (in the US.)

Anyway the yarn ended up being a little under 600 yards after washing which means it is one of my best spins (in terms of yardage) yet. The fiber as I mentioned above was Polwarth and while not new to me, this was a pretty awesome four ounces to spin. Colorway was Mutant Flamingo and the shop is Spun Right Round (check her out if you haven’t heard of her, the colorplays keep sucking me in and I know I will cave eventually…and why not enable you along the way.)

For all of you celebrating tomorrow, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. To those of you not celebrating I hope you have an awesome Thursday.

Until next time.


From → Fiber Arts, Spinning

  1. love the colors

  2. Polwarth is my favorite wool!!!! I love how vividly it takes color. Spun Right Round is also one of my favorite fiberistas. I have some of her falkland in Circus on my wheel right now! Your spinning is lovely, and congrats on the crazy yardage.

  3. Oh, both October and November whizzed by so quickly. I’m not sure what happened! I suspect December will be the same, and I have some deadlines I need to meet. I always hate when fast passage of time combines with deadlines.

    Your yarn is beautiful! I have never spun fine enough to get that kind of yardage out of 4 ounces! You have the beginnings of some super squishy and delightful shawls. 🙂 I knit with my handspun all the time; I have to be able to justify buying more fiber!

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