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What’s on the Wheel Wednesday?

January 27, 2016

Since the beginning of the year I have been spinning a new to me fiber from a new to be dyer. Granted when I say since the beginning of the year, I mean I started this on New Year’s Day and have spun a few minutes once or twice in the last month. Luckily it isn’t anything to do with the fiber, rather some issues related to fibro, but today was as good a day as any in the last few weeks. The fiber was purchased late last year thanks to an instagram update from Created by Elsie B. If you follow the blog much you might know that I am a sucker for purple and green variations, and this fiber was just enough to tip me into buying.

Speaking of buying or rather no buying, this January I decided to take a page off from Amanda over at Knot a Podcast and go the whole month with no fiber related (or even craft related) purchases. Thankfully the month is almost done, but I never really realized just how often I seem to be tempted to buy. I may purchase one small thing in February, but other than that, the whole not having a fiber budget anymore will effectively cause me to go into cold sheeping for the foreseeable future.

Oh yeah, that fiber I was mentioning above, you are probably wondering a little more about that. Well like I was saying it is a new to me fiber, Targhee, which I think might be quickly replacing BFL in the role of favorite fiber. (I will wait for you all to catch your collective breaths.) So I never managed to get a photo of this fiber originally (and must have mistakenly forgotten to make a stash entry on ravelry…yeah let’s go with that reasoning.) But the fiber is a mix of greens, maroons (which is about as pink as I normally am willing to go) a little bit of blue and some muddy brown to blend it. Guys, this fiber is a big hit in this house. I love the colors and the way it is spinning up, one of the cats is in love with the fiber itself (there have been multiple attempts to not only occupy it’s space near me when I spin, but also there is a not so subtle plan to abduct the unspun fiber like a squirrel planning for hibernation.) Suffice it to say that both the cats and I are pretty smitten.

I think you will probably be too. I mean just look at the way it is spinning up.IMG_2328

Now you might be able to tell how finely it is being spun, which means that I am nowhere near done spinning this. Of course the cats aren’t complaining, and frankly neither am I.

How is your crafting going? Any spinning projects you are just falling in love with? Anyone else feel like they might be willing to turn their backs on their original love are really enjoying a new fiber?


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  1. shellssells permalink

    I find I am less likely to enjoy a particular fiber as I am to enjoy a particular dyer’s ability to prep fiber properly. There are a few out there I think are absolutely amazing, and it doesn’t matter what type of wool top I get from them, it’s always an absolute dream to spin.

  2. That is gorgeous! I love deep pinky purples with greens. 🙂

    I am so happy to hear you’re doing well with your no-buy! It’s amazing how aware you become of the impulse to buy things all the time. I’m thinking about trying a true no-buy month in April, maybe? (Meaning no planner supplies, no yarn or fiber, no project bags, and no sewing/fabric stuffs.) But No Buys are more fun when it’s because you choose to do them. This will give you a chance to appreciate and use some of what you have. Have to find that silver lining, right?

    I’ve only spindle-spun Targhee, and it didn’t leave much of an impression on me. I need to spin some on my wheel in the near future.

  3. MalTru permalink


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