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Wait, what?

March 2, 2016

I am currently working a pair of socks for the Giant, the first sock is done and I am working on the leg (cuff down) of the second sock. This yarn (Patons Kroy for those playing along at home) comes in 50 gram skeins, this meant that I ended up picking two of them up, and I know that when I bought this yarn I made a point to check for the same dyelot. Now normally I am not one to be too concerned with things like stripes matching, and lucky for me neither is the Giant; which is why when I cast on the second sock I didn’t make a point to find the same section in the yarn. Perhaps this lax attitude is why it took me until I was so far down the leg to really notice that something about the sock seemed…off.

IMG_2420 (1)


I sat there staring at both socks trying to figure out what was bugging me, when it finally clicked. The damn yarn isn’t the same. Despite making sure to get the same dyelot I ended up with two completely different dye patterns. It isn’t even a matter of the pattern being reversed, no it is in a completely different order. I’m completely missing the brown. I checked the skein, checked the sock in progress, and checked the completed one; nope it’s not right.

When I pick up matching dyelots I assume they will be, ya know, matching. Fortunately I find the whole thing perplexing more than anything else, and the Giant doesn’t care if the socks are more than a little off. It’s just one of those things where I go wait…what?

How about you? Ever experienced multiple skein wonkiness? Are you someone who has to have your socks match?


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  1. Ha, that’s so bizarre! I would never have thought to check for something like that.

  2. shellssells permalink

    I don’t care about matching socks, unless I am intending to use the stripes as a measurement. If I were, your case would drive me nuts.

  3. Love, love the colours

  4. I don’t worry about my striped socks matching, but that’s crazy! I use Paton’s Kroy frequently & have never had that happen before. I’d write to Patons & provide a photo of the socks & ball bands. They’ll probably refund you or send you replacement skeins. Sorry you got all that knitting done before you discovered the problem, but it does make for a funny knitting fail story.

  5. for me, it totally depends. I, for my part, don’t have a problem with not matching socks; my grandparents like them to be as identical as possible, and that’s okay (my mother as well) – if I am not sure what people prefer, I knit identical socks.
    Philipp’s socks are mostly identical – meaning that, while I am willing to “skip” a part of a pattern repeat, I won’t kill myself over finding the exact same spot in the yarn. 😉

    Your two balls are absolutely weird … could you write to Patons, send them a picture and ask for a refund?

  6. You betcha and it was socks as well. They were meant to be a present to boot!

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