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Magpie’s Rescue

April 12, 2016

The last few weeks I have been spending time with my best friend and former college roommate in the Emerald City (okay more of a suburb, but still.) Unfortunately the time spent out here has made me realize just how much I miss living closer to her. I know that her time out here hasn’t been the easiest either. She did this incredibly brave and amazing thing, where she packed up her life and headed out west for a new job, a new apartment and a new city.

But my brave friend did not stop there, no, instead she did this other amazing and wonderful thing and adopted a dog from an animal rescue, Emerald City  Pet Rescue. The ECPR was established in 2013 as a no kill shelter and works with a large range of contacts across the country and abroad to rescue animals that are scheduled to be euthanized. They focus on rescuing, rehabilitation, retraining animals that may have been abandoned, neglected or when an animal needs to be surrendered. The shelter provides ample options for setting up appointments for you to meet the animals. The process is low-key, with the dogs being made to feel safe and comfortable. The staff that we both interacted with were really devoted to helping these animals out. They also have an onsite pet store, where new owners can buy a variety of toys, food, treats, and all the other equipment one would need to make your new friend feel comfortable.

Luckily for my brave friend (and her equally if not slightly more brave friend (me)) there was a chance to meet a few different dogs that morning. One pup and my friend had a pretty quick connection and it was a great match.

So I introduce to you dear readers the sweet little darling called Magpie. 


This photo is from her first outting, and lucky her it was straight Petco.

Magpie is a bit of a timid and shy girl, especially those first few days were she just didn’t feel too comfortable. Time has eased that nervousness some and I have had the chance to see her personality just starting to emerge.  She still doesn’t do great at loud sounds, and she has a dislike of drive thru attendants, but maybe she just wants a puppy verison of something?

Since my friend has had to work while I am out here, I have been given the chance to bond with the little miss, which is definetly helpful process for both of us. Fun Fact: I am not great around dogs, I have anxiety issues that stem from memories and fears of being pushed down by larger dogs, as well as being bit. But this little dog is one of the easiest, most gentle and cat-like dogs I have met. She is a little stubborn at times but when she weighs 6 lbs it isn’t hard to scoop her up if the need arises.

The past week or so I have been able to take her out on small walks, where she and I are able to explore the neighborhood a little more. IMG_2737

 She has been great in helping me to remember to slow down and take some time to smell the flowers.

She has also proven the idea that taking a rest after exercise is always a good idea.


Another solid piece of wisdom from the little rescue pup that could, it’s easier to sleep when you have someone you care about next to you.


This trip and mainly my time spent with this little six pounds of fluff and love has shown me that not all dogs are terrifying, nor will they be loud barking machines. They are just these wonderful friends you make in a short amount of time. I can’t say that I won’t be nervous when I am around other dogs, but at least in this case, with this dog I would like to think I found a friend.


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  1. shellssells permalink

    She’s so super cute, it would have been hard NOT to become friends with her. 🙂

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