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Finally Finished From the Wheel

June 30, 2016

Way back in the beginning of the year I started a spin. This was my first time using this fiber, and my first time purchasing from this vendor. (Side note, her fiber prep was great.)

As usual I decided to spin the singles thin/ at my default. So I started spinning, and spinning and spinning and spinning. I worked on the fiber fairly regularly, but no matter how much time I actually spent spinning, the amount of unspun fiber barely seemed to change.


In late March I ended up taking a break from spinning as I went to visit my friend in Seattle. When I came back, I still had fiber left. I was determined to over come any similarity to Sisyphus and pushed myself to finally finish the singles.

May ended up arriving and passing and I was still no closer (it felt like at least) to finishing the singles, but I decided to stick with it (by which I mean I started and finished a different yarn in that time, thank goodness for having more than one wheel.)

image_medium2 (7)

June the first leg of my victory arrived. I finished the singles.

When it came time to decide on a plying method I was a bit stuck. This was a spin that I had no real plans for, it was a chance to try out a new fiber (thanks to our Lady Marja for having some around that I was allowed to pet at one point, thus beginning my quest to find some of my own.

Side note: Everyone should have a friend like Marja, not only is she crazy talented with her spinning (and bonus she doesn’t knit so often she is willing to outsource that part.) but she is also not afraid of trying new things, and when it comes to fiber that can mean a greater exposure to fiber, dyers, and spinning tools.

Where was I? Oh the singles. I ended up deciding on a standard two-ply because for some reason I thought that would be quicker. (You may insert the dramatic music here.) So after winding the singles into a cake I decided to ply. (I did the cake so I could pull from the outside and inside for the plies. This allows me to use up all the yarn, instead of having a little left over that I don’t know what to do with.)

Lucky for me plying seemed to go a little faster. I set to work on Beatrice (Kromski Prelude) and began to cruise along. Probably because things were going so well, my speed resulted in some type of strain, stress issue with my right leg/foot/shin area. (I can hear those among you suggesting to switch up the legs, I have tried before, but I am seem to resemble a newborn deer attempting to walk for the first time. By this time I was just ready to be done.) I made progress and continued until there was so little left I could taste it. After taking a night off to ice my leg area I decided to power through. Which found me Monday evening with this.

image_medium2 (6)

My next move would be to wind the skein and give it a bath. As with all the other parts of this task the winding took forever. I wasn’t too sure how the Tarhgee was going to react to the water so after a quick bath I let the yarn hang to dry.

This morning I was greeted with a still slightly damp skein, but I was still excited, because after all of that work I ended up with this.

image_medium2 (5)

Approx. 552 yards of a two ply. The yarn definitely puffed up quite a bit, and I know there are some spots where I at the very least under-plied but no matter. It is finally finished. Now of course comes the task of picking what to spin next.

How about you? Any long term projects you are just plodding through? Any recent victories in your crafting life? Have you ever spun with targhee, what do you think of it?



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  1. Marja permalink

    Thank you for your kind words! I’m behind in my blog reading.

  2. One day I will learn to spin

  3. That is lovely! How many ounces of fiber is that? I am just learning to spin, and try as I might, my skinniest so far has been about 180 yards to 4 ounces. In fact, I spun a braid that I wanted to knit a shawl from, and had to get a second braid to get enough yardage. I need to learn all the secrets to making thin yarn. 🙂

    • This was four ounces. I think fiber prep can go a long way in terms of spinning thin, but practice helps more. My first year or two of spinning I was spinning pretty thick most of the time. I think my own default ended up growing thinner out of sheer practice, it’s been about four years now. It’s only been in the last year or so that I have been able to get this kind of thinness. Are you spinning on a wheel or spindles? I learned on a wheel, and it was when I started with spindles that it seemed to click in terms of getting a really good thin single. I don’t follow this advice as much as I should, but knitting with your handspun really does make a difference in your spinning. Keep at it.

      • I could not use a spindle, but I may try again someday – I started abut a month ago on a wheel, and like it much better. This latest spin I really worked hard to split finely and pre-draft, and I think I could still do better. 🙂 I’ll keep practicing, no worries!

  4. shellssells permalink

    You will absolutely not notice the underply bits when you are knitting. Or, rather, you won’t notice them IN your knitted object. So no problem there. And, I find that when spinning thinner (Which this ABSOLUTELY looks like at least from my perspective here) underply on a 2 ply is better than overply. Gorgeous yarn too, congrats on the finish! That one has such great yardage, it needs a great project!

    • Thanks so much! I am glad to hear I won’t notice it too much when knitting, but now of course it’s time to pick a pattern.

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