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Unpacking for days…

September 6, 2016

This is Ira McKnitty Pants is coming to you live where the great unpack of 2016 is still underway here at the new home of the Introverted Knitter. It appears that there are a number of factors that seem to be slowing both IK and the Giant down when it comes to unpacking. The first, I am told, is the lack of space in their now tiny kitchen. This is quickly followed by, and possibly surpassing the kitchen situation, the rather poor job the packers did in terms of organization and labeling. This reporter is acutely aware of how much IK loves details and through disgruntled mumblings, some of which we are unable to report on this blog, it would appear that this lack of marking is what is drawing the most ire for her.

I have been told that both spinning wheels have been located, assembled and are as of now in working condition. However as an example of the lack of details, IK wants me to inform you all that one wheel (packed up in the original box) was labeled Christmas bells, despite the image on the front of the box. Additionally the little Prelude, that is affectionately referred to as Beatrice was split into multiple boxes, with the larger parts labeled “chair.” I am assured that IK and the Giant are as baffled by this labeling as this reporter happens to be.

I am told that the stash is still technically unreachable due to the amount of boxes in the “spare” room. However IK has indicated that the goal for this week is to find the swift and ball winder, “which may be anywhere at this point.”

I’ve just received confirmation that, yes, the cats seem to be handling the move and land of boxes far better than their human counterparts, and in fact seeem to particularly enjoy their gigantic tower, which the humans have thoughtfully placed nearest the windows in the living room. I am told that the cats are particularly fond of watching the variety of birds, squirrels, and various other creatures (and leaves) from their perch. It appears that this is by far the most coveted location, although unconfirmed reports seems to indicate that the bed is a close second, followed by the bathroom-whether occupied or not.

It is of this reporter’s opinion that the Giant has been incredibly helpful in this entire process and I am told that not only does IK agree, but that she is eager to cast on the pair of socks for him, just as soon as she can split the skein in half.

In terms of crafting content it appears there has been little to no progress on the shawl, or socks that are currently on the needles, but this reporter is being told that the sock blanket has been getting some attention, however our camera crew was unable to secure any photos. However this reporter can assure you that there has been some pretty decent growth to the blanket, and while IK assures me that there is still a significant portion needed to be knit, she feels confident and enthusiastic about her progress.

This reporter has also been informed that a new supported spindle is on its way to IK and that another bowl has been acquired as well. It is the hope of this reporter that photos will be forthcoming as they arrive. Additionally we’ve been told that spinning shall commence soon, but an actual date has not been given.

Thanks for tuning in to this special report of the PNW moving saga for the Introverted Knitter and Giant, I am Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting.  


  1. Glad everything is there(apparently) but am sorry the packers did such a lousy job! My cousin had packers move him several years ago, and his wife told me that they actually packed a full diaper pail, and also the dirty breakfast dishes! She said she couldn’t get things ready for them fast enough. Those were a treat a week later, I am sure.

  2. shellssells permalink

    The poorly labeled boxes would make me ABSOLUTELY TWITCHY!

    • The contenders for today have been a box labeled clothes (only clothes) that contained exactly one shirt and the equipment for my desktop, including speakers and the box (the box was empty.) OR the box labeled pillows that contained two pillows and the rest of it was bathroom supplies…..there is a lot of headdesk hitting on my part.

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