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January 9, 2017

So far the resolutions for this year are slowly but surely getting crossed off. I got my library card, and it is so decidedly PNW I just had to share.


I should note I did get to choose from a few options, but I mean come on, who wouldn’t go with this one?

The Giant and I managed to check out the local library the other day and while we didn’t end up getting anything, it was still nice to explore a new part of the area.

Speaking of books, I have finished one already (although it was a hold over from 2016, but I am still totally counting it.) Currently my main focus is the David Eggers, The Circle. It’s been a bit difficult for me to get into it, although the whole 1984 vibe might have something to do with it.

Crafting has been happening at a pretty slow pace, I’ve not been feeling the greatest which has resulted in a lot more down time than I was hoping for. Luckily I still have some time before I need anything to be done.

Weather wise we are finally back to the classic PNW with cloudy skies, mild temps and rain. We had quite a cold snap (for out here) the last few weeks that wasn’t the greatest. Snow has been few and far between in our area, although a little further out (and up elevation wise) we still got to see some stuck to the ground.

The Giant and I have started playing Gin Rummy, which was another one on the resolution list. So far it’s been pretty fun (even though I’ve lost most games, which means I get to work on being better at losing (hint I still need work.))

How’s your crafting going? Do you have snow in your area?




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  1. I want a cool yeti library card now! I don’t think my library has any interesting options, just the one basic card. You’re lucky!

  2. we have snow – and ice and snow and ice – not a normal winter here in Maine by any means! Sorry you aren’t feeling well, but glad you are still able to read and play cards. Good luck at improving your game or losing skills. 🙂 and would love to see knitting photos. 🙂

  3. shellssells permalink

    We had Miss Butterfly’s winter concert last evening, it had been postponed due to rain/ice prior to Christmas. I also finished knitting a Christmas stocking. Seemed fitting. Today? Rain/ice again. Roads are fine, driveway slick. No reasonably midwestern snow at all.

  4. It’s summer here ( I know, dont rub it in) Projects are all over the place. Working on a couple of wedding presents to deliver as soon as done.

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