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Wheel Wednesday-Five Months

January 18, 2017

It’s been five months since the Giant and I arrived in the PNW, it also marked the five month mark of having a spinning project on the wheel. I picked up a braid of Moonrover destash pretty quickly after we made the move and once I had my wheels back (along with the rest of our furniture) I started spinning and I am still working on the fiber.

Now this destash came with little info, aside from the fact that it was SW merino and Nylon and oh so pretty. Foolishly I didn’t think to weigh the braid before hand, but based on the research of others it would appear it’s about five ounces. Last night I decided to spin for a little while, and finally remembered to weigh the remaining fiber. Any guesses on how much is left?

If you said a little over half you would be right. (insert face palm here.) I suppose I could chalk it up to not feeling the greatest and therefore not spinning much, or I could even explain that it is a pretty thin spin and I am trying really hard not to over spin the singles…but the fact remains I have still spun under half of five ounces in five months.

The fact is it’s a whole lot of factors involved, but despite the amount left I decided it was time for some photos of the spin. (It helps that we had a fire in the fireplace, trying to get decent photos out here hasn’t been easy with all the grey skies and rain (not that I am complaining!)


It’s difficult to see in this photo but there are actually a few shades of greens and blues in this braid.


Luckily it is still an enjoyable spin…heck I suppose I could say I am just prolonging the fun. That sounds legit, right?


From → Fiber Arts, Spinning

  1. I so want to learn to spin

  2. I swear thin yarn takes 80 times longer than just slightly thicker yarn. But yours is pretty and you will love the yarn when you finally get ot, wont you?

  3. shellssells permalink

    It IS so pretty! And as usual, singles on bobbins, so charming. Also charming? Fire in Fireplace spinning!!!

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